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Fall Uniform | Everlane Denim and houndstooth coat

Check Mate

With another season of StrangerĀ Things behind us, we can now focus on what really matters: fall clothing. I’m finding it hard to get away from the white shirt denim combo and, despite denim trends that are trying to make non-skinny happen, skinny jeans are still

Fall uniform 2017 fashionhedge outfit editorial

Fall Uniform

The purpose of a uniform is not only to simplify your life when getting ready in the morning, but having a go-to ensemble also helps you streamline your wardrobe shopping, having a few looks composed of key pieces rather than a lot of clothes that

These artworks explore the female body and the reduction of its form as a way of heightening its expressive power.. Caroline Walls, visual artist from Australia

Caroline Walls

Caroline Walls makes art that evokes the female shape in a very minimalist, yet “in your faece” kind of way. This is the type of artwork that I would have in my bedroom, but the living room could be a tough one if you ever

Everlane Editor Heel | Ethically made leather shoes

The Editor Heel

The Editor Heel is Everlane’s first kitten heel shoe. Italian suede that, in my mind, works better for an art gallery owner than an editor. But that’s your call. Shop the Editor Heel

fashionhedge Gucci goes fur-free, dionysus gucci showlder bag

Gucci to go fur-free

Gucci will go fur-free in 2018, announced CEO Marco Bizzarri on October11th. The brand’s first fur-free collection was unveiled last September at Milan Fashion Week and will go on sale next year. “With the help of HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and LAV

non dysphoria fashionhedge october personal post


Not only is fall my favorite time of the year, but I have many exciting changes coming up soon AND I am listening to A Perfect Circle as I write this. It’s hard to think life could get any better than this.   The notions