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Boxed Water

Boxed Water

Is boxed water better? If you are looking for minimalist packaging inspiration and a spin on your sparkling water dinner bottle, the answer is yes. I don’t know if it’s the concept of re-purposing such a familiar object as a milk carton into a lifestyle staple, or the unnecessary high price tag, but I love this product,

Aside from being cute and hipstely posh, “Boxed Water is Better, LLC” (the actual name of the company) claims that by shifting away from plastic, they help reduce the carbon footprint. They also donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes.

76% of the box is composed of renewable resources: trees. Making it one of the most sustainable beverage packages available.

As for the flavor, it’s just water, the “better” part is everything else. Still, cute  AF.

Boxed Water is Better sustainable packaging