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Reformation x Patagonia

It’s like sustainability and crop tops had a baby. And the baby wore puffy jackets.

Patagonia is the golden standard for sustainability in the garment industry, pioneering the use of organic fabrics and less polluting agricultural and manufacturing techniques to create high quality winter clothes, sports apparel and other athletic basics. Reformation is some sort of sustainable fast fashion, adopting some of the industry’s trends, but keeping a consistent theme that can be recognized by any modern fashionista. The two companies put their strong brands and sustainable fashion allure together to curate a collection that mixed the best of both worlds. It is also just regular Patagonia worn alongside Chanel.

If you are taking a skiing trip to Lake Tahoe or Colorado this winter, these beauties are calling your name.

Patagonia Brodeo Beanie Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Jacket Patagonia Brodeo Beanie in Red Patagonia Performance Better Sweater Fleece Jacket Patagonia Performance Better Sweater Fleece Jacket