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Khokho makes luxury accessories using traditional Swazi weaving techniques. These straw bags are made in Swaziland, where the local artisans benefit from the work opportunities created by the company. Straw bags are going to be everything this season (hello, Jane Birkin!), why not treat yourself with some ethically made basket purses? I seriously can’t even.

Khokho was born thanks to the Nest Fellowship, when Sapna Shah, the former designer for Rag&Bone decided to focus on artisan crafts.She found a way to create a high-end product while preserving the essence of the original craft. The result is a beautiful line of handbags that is sold at a premium and looks more like a designer product than an African craft.  The collection comes at the perfect time where straw bags are making a comeback and the Jane Birkin basket as a handbag look is as popular as ever. A true example of high-value ethical fashion.

You can shop Khokho on their website, Matchesfashion and Maison de Mode.

Khokho Ethical Luxury Straw Bags