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My Black Friday hike

Black Friday and Other Pests

Do you know how to get the biggest savings on Black Friday? Just don’t buy anything. Black Friday, like any other promotional strategy is aimed to bring more customers into the stores, not save you money. The promise of 50%+ discounts and “everything on sale” is still

This is why I am so sick of eco conscious people

This is why I am so sick of eco conscious people

Through this website and various aspects of my life, I try to look for products and ideas that help save resources, in general, which is one of the key factors in creating a more sustainable lifestyle, in my view. However, I don’t want to get

My Yelp review of whole foods was depleted

My Whole Foods Review Was Deleted by Yelp

There I was, a two-year Yelp Elite, a committed reviewer and picture taker, a loyal check-in-er and a generous tip giver. Then my beautiful Yelp world came tumbling down when I got an email saying that a review I posted had been deleted because it

All the books I read in 2015

The books I read in 2015 | Part 1

Those of you who got my December newsletter saw the whole list, but just in case you had not signed up  by then, here I want to expand a little more as to why did I read those books and what are some of my takeaways. I’m

Cartier and Tiffany's

Photo Diary, first half of 2015

You know how “lifestyle” and fashion bloggers go to fancy hotels and show all the high-end traveling they do and the extremely well-staged food and accessories photos? Well, this is not that. This is just life, no time to edit. I have been away for

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Holiday Randomness

Blah. Just some unedited, untouched photos. Dust on tables, dirty floor, dog door in the background. This is what a an ordinary extraordinary life feels like. No makeup.