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Offset Warehouse Ethical and Sustainable Fabrics

Ethical fashion: it all starts with the fabric

When searching for ethical fashion resources and shops, it is easy to find vaguely described and poorly presented products that hope to derive their value from including the words “sustainable”, “fair” or “ethical”. But there are a few gems out there that not only offer

The Economics of Fashion: Externalities

Externalities An externality is the (possitive or negative) effect of a given activity caused on a third party that did not participate directly in such activity. Common negative externalities include air pollution on a community produced by a manufacturing company and noise from construction work that affects the nearby

Fashion puppies

There is no doubt puppies can bring happiness to anyone in a matter of seconds. For centuries, humans have relied on pets for companionship and protection, but it seems that our furry friends have also served for inspiration to some of the biggest names the world of fashion.  

Why do fashion media treat women like idiots?

Across the diverse channels of fashion media authorities: blogs, magazines and opinion leaders, affiliate marketing has taken over and it’s easy to get annoyed by articles masked as advise or suggestions for women looking for love in all the wrong places. As much as I want

The 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

Because fashion is about your decisions as a consumer and about the search for identity, the following are behaviors people could find themselves guilty of when submerged in the world of fashion. PURSE ENVY Celebrities and consummate fashion bloggers have access to expensive, limited edition, ultra-top, uber-super clothes