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Westward leaning Voyager 10 with Layer Tortoise Matte frame,Faux Ivory side inlays and Super Silver lenses

The Best Ethical Sunglasses

The following are my favorite picks for sunglasses made by special companies. In our search, we found some copycats, some horrible bamboo and some exceptional ideas. This selection is purely based on aesthetics and below, we explain why the companies mentioned can be considered ethical. Disclosures: this

H&M sustainability report

H&M needs more than a conscious collection

The path to sustainability For a few months now, the fast fashion retailer H&M has been talking about a Conscious collection, somehow involving sustainability and a more ethical approach to their manufacturing. Curious, I checked out their website to read more about the initiative.  The

Constant Simplicity Transparent Supply Chain

Ethical Fashion, Transparency and Bamboo

By this point, we can all agree that there are certain ideas and projects in the world of ethical fashion that sound great and even look great, but when you look into the details, there can be holes in their sustainability stories. This is definitely