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Pink Floyd Tee by MadeWorn

Band Tees

The rock band tee: there are few fashion vices that so clearly convey such a large number of demographic and personality characteristics at a glance. The band’s name, how old the t-shirt looks and, most importantly, how you accessorize it, are signs that scream “I

The Clean Silk Boatneck Blouse

Clean Silk

Previously on fashionhedge, I talked about Peace Silk, or Ahimsa Silk, a type of silk obtained without causing harm to the silkworm, unlike traditional silk extraction processes. But there is more to the silk production process than animal cruelty. Toxic dyes, high carbon emissions, and

Retro vibes from Moda Operandi

Just Retro Enough

I don’t like to wear vintage just for the sake of wearing vintage. I legitimately love to be able to dig trash from Goodwill and turn it into a new favorite blazer or look into my forgotten accessories box to find a pair of sunglasses

Reformation Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dots

Another trend that never goes away, polka dotted clothes add some extra fun to the every day black & white capsule wardrobe ensemble. Polka dots are also about as much patterning as I can tolerate. Dot away!  

New Zealand Photo Diary

If I haven’t posted in a few months it’s not because of illness or Netflix. Rather, I’ve been traveling a lot and too busy with a new job that makes me sound more important at cocktail parties but also requires a lot more mental space,

Fall Uniform | Everlane Denim and houndstooth coat

Check Mate

With another season of StrangerĀ Things behind us, we can now focus on what really matters: fall clothing. I’m finding it hard to get away from the white shirt denim combo and, despite denim trends that are trying to make non-skinny happen, skinny jeans are still