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Monthly Archives: December 2014

How can Slow Fashion Be Successful?

What Does Slow Fashion Need to be Successful?

Have you noticed how some “green” or “ethical” brands these days want to make you think you are helping the world or solving a big picture problem, like human rights or climate change? The sales pitch went from “this is a great product” to “buying

Made in USA Gift Guide

The Ultimate Made in USA Fashion Gift Guide

This Made in USA gift guide includes something for everyone, from the safe body care product to a statement  coat , all of which were handpicked not only for being made in America, but for their awesomeness. For this post, we collaborated with Christine from

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Holiday Randomness

Blah. Just some unedited, untouched photos. Dust on tables, dirty floor, dog door in the background. This is what a an ordinary extraordinary¬†life feels like. No makeup.  

Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer

If you have been breaking your head trying to figure out how to pick gifts that have meaning and don’t conflict with your consumer habits, this is the shopping guide for you. Everything on this list can be appreciated by anyone, they don’t have to

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Orange Harp: Mobile Ethical Fashion

Orange Harp is a shopping app that specializes in fashion for the conscious consumer. The startup launched in May of this year with the purpose of making it easy for people to buy from brands that support fair working conditions, protect the environment and contribute