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What’s in your makeup bag?

Natural makeup bag

For a while now I have become a “no makeup” advocate, as I feel many women feel the need to wear 28 different products on their face before they can be seen by another human. I don’t want to ever be bound by products and depend on make-up to be confident. I still wear make-up regularly, but I use the minimum and care more about my skin’s health rather than what I put on it. How much makeup do you wear? Do you NEED it to leave the house? How much time do you spend doing your daily makeup

Many of you have been asking some details about my personal beauty tips and how can I accomplish wearing healthier and more sustainable products without compromising my makeup habits or spending too much. Well, I keep it simple, my entire make-up collection consists of 5 basic components:

  • Black mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip balm or lip gloss
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail polish

That’s it. No concealers, no powders, no blush. I simply don’t think those things are necessary and, most importantly, I don’t want to look sick when I’m not wearing makeup or spend a lot of time covering my skin with weird substances. I go for products that are made mainly with natural ingredients and without fragrance. I have made 3 major product changes and I believe they are worth it, I switched brands of: mascara/eyeliner, lotion and lip balm.

Here are my makeup bag essentials:



The set list

  •  Scotch Naturals Smokey Martini nail polish
    • I recently discovered Scotch Naturals and I like them because, unlike most nail polish brands, this one doesn’t use certain solvents and chemicals that have proven to be dangerous for human health. I was a little hesitant at first and thought they might not work very well, but the results are actually better than some of my regular nail polish. I love this color too, more colors coming up!

Scotch Naturals Smokey Martini Nail Polisheos 99% natural lip balmPhysician's Formula mascara and eyeliner

Some days I decide that eyeliner looks horrible and other I can’t get enough. Anyway, here is me with and without makeup. Brace yourselves!

Without makeup

No makeup style

 With minimalist makeup

Minimalist makeup


My mom would get mad at me sometimes because she thinks I look the same, which I take as a compliment, since I think makeup should only gently accentuate your features, not make you look radically different.

Here is my face when I see someone that always wears makeup without it:

Here is my face when I see someone that always wears makeup without it

“Are you ok? Are your eyebrows ever gonna grow back!!!???”

“Why don’t you do a makeup tutorial?” -a lost soul claimed. Well, I hope the intellect of anyone that ends up here is high enough to know how to apply a crayon on their eyes without looking like a monster.


Why is there a hook over my head in some of these photos? Why do I look 12 in some photos and 34 in other ones? Why was my hair so greasy? The answers to all those questions coming up… right now:

I took those photos with my bedroom door as the background because is one of the few areas with decent enough lighting but not so good that you could see my facial hair.

I have the ability to look anywhere from 12 to 40 depending on how I move my eyebrow. They are truly magical. The Rock had his elbow, Mario had his fire spit and I have my eyebrows.

I actually put some lotion on my hair because it was too frizzy and I wanted to see what happened. I have done it before and it works great as a last minute trick, but even when it was oil free lotion, it looked too shiny at times. Oopsie. 


 What do you think about makeup? How much is too much? Is it ok to ever use Sharpies? Do you think your makeup habits will change with age? What kind of products do you avoid? Is petrolatum really that bad for you? I would love it if someone had some scientific sources. I will do my research too, but most of the sites I found were biased (the eternal organic anything problem).


  • elegantlyeco

    Depends on what you’re looking for & your skin type. My skin is very sensitive & acne prone. I use W3ll People Narcissist Foundation, Pure Anada for eyeshadow & Red Apple or Lippy Girl Lipstick. Reviews are on my blog.

  • What are some of your favorite products that actually work well? I still have this fear when I buy a non-branded product that it’s not going to be as effective and for me, it doesn’t only have to be healthy but it has to work!

  • Yeah, another reason why I stopped wearing makeup regularly is so that when I do wear it, it feels more like a special occasion, like for a date night! ♥ And it does suck that men are not required to wear makeup, but they have other problems… I think we have brought this on ourselves through a long history of body alteration.

  • I never wear makeup. Like you, I don’t like the idea of looking sick or not like myself if I’m not wearing it. This is my face, this is what a human woman looks like, get used to it! I also get annoyed by the double standard: men aren’t pressured to cover up their skin or alter their facial features to be more attractive, so why should I?

  • elegantlyeco

    Bravo. Nice to see someone not obsessed with makeup. I’m currently trying to trim down my makeup routine. As for sharpies? I would never use that for makeup. I wouldn’t use petrolatum as I’ve read it’s carcinogenic. I’m a purist. Why would I use products with petrolatum when something like coconut oil would work just as well?