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Photo Diary, first half of 2015

You know how “lifestyle” and fashion bloggers go to fancy hotels and show all the high-end traveling they do and the extremely well-staged food and accessories photos? Well, this is not that. This is just life, no time to edit.

I have been away for a while focusing on other projects, so I know I have a lot of pending directory listings and collaboration requests that are still awaiting response, but they are coming!

Living in a small city has it’s pros and cons, San Luis Obispo is one of the most desirable places to live, so it’s very expensive and awesome; I like bigger places but SLO is great because you don’t need a car to get around. This year, we traveled quite a bit within California and we went to Costa Rica, we  hope to be ready for a bit Euro trip in 2016. I also made new friends and that’s possibly my biggest accomplishment since moving here over 2 years ago. Also, in this first half of 2015, I became a fan of:

  • Elon Musk
  • SpaceX
  • Snapchat (follow me: yarinav)
  • Balenciaga city bags
  • Gianvito Rossi shoes
  • Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
  • Having one good bracelet that I don’t ever take off
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things
  • Uber

For now, I simply wanted to show some pictures that illustrate the first half of this year.

Randomly meYari at Pet Expo in Santa Clara Mikey and Yari sleeping Puppy hug Morning coffee in san luis obispo Yari and Mikey sleeping

Yari and mom Costa Rica 2014

That’s my mom!

Adriana y Yarina Costa Rica

My high school BFF ♥

Vintage high-waisted jeans

I have a love/hate relationship with these jeans. Check out the EnduraFlap in the background.

SMXWest 205, SEO conference20150304_083205 20150304_091114 20150304_144757

YV Analytics Online Marketing

My first YV Analytics business cards

SLO life

At Kreuzberg in San Luis Obispo

At Kreuzberg in SLO

Brewing trouble at Pints for Pups, TapIt Brewing

Brewing trouble at Pints for Pups fundraiser, TapIt Brewing

Breakfast at Taco Rocco

Breakfast at Taco Roco


Our favorite Couchsurfers, Servesh and Manan

At Redondo Beach

At Redondo Beach


I met my first niece

Hiking Irish Hills 20150506_23262020150426_114644 20150529_182911 20150603_151503 20150607_103145-COLLAGE IMG_1294 IMG_1305 20150608_181231

Requiem by Verdi at the Performing Arts Center

Requiem by Verdi at the Performing Arts Center

looking important

Here is me looking important

Verdi Requiem  Booklet

One of the most senior choir members, our friend Ron Tarica, keeps the very first booklet he used for the first time, check out all the different times they have presented this piece on the top corner

Mikey's first day of school

Mikey’s first day of school

Trying out a Vegan extravaganza at Shine Cafe in Morro Bay

Trying out a Vegan extravaganza at Shine Cafe in Morro Bay


Our new favorite Mexican place on Avila Beach, Zorro's

Our new favorite Mexican place on Shell Beach, Zorro’s

Zorros Mexican Restaurant in Avila Beach 20150621_195611-ANIMATION

My second new favorite place in SLO, Taste

My second new favorite place in SLO, Taste

My new favorite place in SLO, Sidecar20150718_103248 20150718_103402

Sidecar Eggs Benedict

Sidecar Eggs Benedict

Danny and Ryan got married ♥, Oakland20150704_142631 20150704_142644Love bracelet IPA ryan and danny's wedding summer wedding

An awesome discovery in SunnyvaleClothes and shoes recycling bin

My new favorite denim shortsRalph Lauren denim shorts

National French Fries Day

Note: I just wore that t-shirt for the National French Fries Day, I do not promote the discriminate consumption of fries

And yes, I had a birthday!Balenciaga City Bag My birthday surprises

My new natural makeup and body care infatuation

Lush store at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Lush, Las Vegas

20150720_200305 20150720_20023820150720_200246And that mascara review I never posted…


In case you were wondering, the winner was Josie Maran Black Oil Mascara

IMG_6059 IMG_6060

The puppy black and white photo shootIMG_6822 IMG_6845

Jim Croce, Avila Beach, a snake and Swarovski crystal dog harness
Jim Croce Avila Beach with Mikey

snake at Super Zoo

From Super Zoo in Las Vegas

swarovski for pets

Oh, yeah, and I went full vegetarian/vegan this year. I am not fully vegan because I love cheese and I’m not letting that go completely, also eggs for special occasions are ok. Now that I’m back from working a lot on my company, I will post more but shorter updates. I also got a new lighting set for my birthday, so I’m going back to the intense fashion pics soon. Hang in there.