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Say Goodbye to Bridesmaids Dresses


FARRAH JUMPSUIT | Alternative bridesmaid's wear

Have you ever had to buy a bridesmaid dress for a wedding? Have you worn it since? Annaborgia believes that buying a dress to wear once is not only wasteful, but unnecessary.

“…it’s simply not sustainable nor is it a wise economic investment. With Annaborgia, you will be wearing comfortable, trendy designs in colors that will be easy to re-purpose for more social events or restyle for a more casual look.” -Daniela Degrassi

Not only are bridesmaids dresses ugly in essence (it’s an obvious plug of the bride to look better than everybody on “her special day”), but the idea of a garment that is created to wear once is very 1990’s. Classic cuts and neutral colors suit most people better than giant bows and pastels, and this designer wants you to wear that bridesmaid outfit to work.

Also very 1990’s?: dresses. Get a sexy jumpsuit or a pants/top combo that you will look forward to wearing again and forget about pink stuff. Forever.

The  San Francisco-based label uses cruelty-free and toxic-free-dyed fine textiles from Japan and turns them into delicate but versatile pieces that transcend the hype of one event. Even their wedding dress can be worn again, just add a leather jacket and boots for a perfect fall attire.

Stella Dress | Eco-friendly and cruelty-free wedding dress made in USA

Stella Dress | In honor of Stella McCartney, this wedding or bridesmaid’s dress is made with 100% Japanese Polyester satin processed with non-toxic dyes. Made in San Francisco, California

“I have seen way too many bridesmaids attempting to carry off the traditional, often outdated, and generally starkly colored gown. Bridesmaids’ clothes have earned a bad reputation and I am determined to give them a new name: Ready to Wear.” -Daniela Degrassi

Part of the purpose of fashionhedge  has always been to draw attention about ways to increase the quality of your wardrobe while reducing the amount of things you buy, I couldn’t think of a better way to do this than finding truly timeless wedding clothes that can be worn over and over.

On my book, the brand gets bonus points for featuring black, white and blush options for their clothes. That’s all you need.

Annaborgia is having a giveaway and there is still time to get in. The prize? This cute backless top. Don’t tell them I told you.

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