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Chloé Nile Bag

Chloe’s Nile bag is the perfect fusion of handbags and jewelry. They were all over the Ready to Wear Spring 2017 collection and I bet you haven’t been able to get them out of your head ever since. The Nile in small cossbody and the miniaudiere bags (pictured) are available in pre-order. Is this the next Faye? Will it remain a timeless staple of good taste or will it be confined to a dark closet after a year, where it loses its shine? It’s hard to tell. I am posting this because it is a beautiful creation and because it’s part of a broader obsession with circles and gold hardware, a true sign of the times.

Chloé is always elegant and doesn’t go to far with trends. Fashion bloggers kid of ruined Faye for me, but Marcie, for example has that timeless effortless elegance to it. It seems that opulence and oversize gold hardware is winning the battle in fashion right now.

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