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The Undone

Not all fashion trends are created equal. There are those trends that have to do with a general aesthetic appreciation and following a clear architecture and color palette, they have to do more with geometry and less with brands or logos; with materials and textures rather than with colors; with staying true to a signature style rather than following the herd.

The UNDONE is a shopping destination created for the minimalism lovers that can’t help but get obsessed with new shapes and silhouettes (other people call it trends, you call it style). With a monochrome capsule wardrobe concept, The UNDONE does a beautiful job at picking out the most coveted original designs that influence mainstream fashion without being mainstream at all.

NET-A-PORTER for the Minimalist

In my mind, The UNDONE is what a baby of NET-A-PORTER and NeedSupply would look like. A baby wearing a perfect white t-shirt and designer jeans, maybe a gold medallion necklace and leather flats. Too cool for AYR and too down-to-earth for NET-A-PORTER.

The designers at The UNDONE are an anthem to minimalism and shape obsession: Ellery, Anna Quan and Dion Lee are some of the brands that have convinced us we need another basic white shirt or black dress, because “this one is special”.

The Best Way to Shop The Undone

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