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The Day Heel

Everlane Day Heel | Made Ethically, Transparent Pricing and Supply Chain Versatile Leather Shoe

The Everlane Day Heel is classic but versatile, girly but professional, relaxed but luxe, minimal but complex enough. Made ethically in Italy, like most Everlane shoes. The 100% leather shoe promises to deliver a realistic┬ácombination of comfort and minimalistic swaggery at a reasonable price. Personally, I’m a high-heel totalitarian (trying really hard not to use the word for national-socialist), so anything below 5 inches isn’t really a heel for me. BUT, if I could wear these instead of sneakers on my walk to work every day, that could be a nice upgrade. I always struggle with the concept of sticking to fewer styles and taking a minimalist approach to shopping, spending more per item but buying fewer items: if I have nicer things, I want to make them last and not accelerate the wear by giving a nice pair of Italian shoes a couple hours of steps per day, then I realize that shoes are made for walking and snap out of it. The red ones remind me of a Parisian Tuesday morning, while the black ones put a spin on your office black flats. But the black suede are in a completely different category: those are for denim days and coffee dates, lots and lots of coffee dates.

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