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Etsy is having its first sale ever

The nature of the Etsy marketplace business model makes it harder to run sale events, compared to regular eCommerce retail sites. Additionally, prices are already on the affordable side for many products, since they are handmade or vintage, and to match the Etsy customer price expectations. However, sales work. People like a good deal, and if the rest of the world uses this technique to boost sales, why stay behind? Etsy is running its first sale ever this Labor Day Weekend.

I believe the most important element of conscious consumerism is not what you buy, but why you buy it. Shopping mindlessly, just because things are on sale is the exact type of behavior that brings more junk into our homes that doesn’t add anything positive to our lives. However, if you were already going to shop something specific, or if you find a really cool gift, sales are the best. The actual savings amount might not be much, but some people enjoy the feeling of paying less and finding those savings opportunities.  That’s why, even in the era of eCommerce, companies still print coupons, I’m sure there is someone out there actually using them, although I find it hard to believe.

Etsy has a good selection of home decor, graphic tees, monogram jewelry and artsy stuff in general. The cool thing about shopping at a marketplace like this, as opposed to a regular store, is that you  help people who make crafts on the side to earn some extra money, something that we should all think about for when the time comes where automation wipes out many of our jobs. Sorry for the darkness. Take a look and shop responsibly.

Etsy Sale

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