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TREAD is a brand new line of footwear by ethical fashion label Everlane. Unlike the brand’s other shoe collections, TREAD is an attempt to disrupt the sneaker industry in a more direct way. Although not a lot of specifics about the shoe line are out prior to its official launch on April 25th, 2019 yet, we do know that sustainability is at the core of the highly anticipated sneaker.

The mission: Make the world’s lowest-impact
sneakers. Make them to last. Make them
carbon neutral. And never stop pushing
to make them better.

The few shots shared by the brand on Instagram showcase an old school style shoe, reminiscent of a Reebok Classic or New Balance 574, but this new iteration promises to get us closer to a zero impact product. In true Everlane’s fashion, disruption often comes in timeless and minimalist staples that appeal to a wide array of fashionist@s.

Here are the main features that make TRAD different:

  • The sole is 94.2% free of virgin plastic. Using recycled and natural rubber helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54%.
  • More eco-friendly leather. From a factory that uses 42% less electricity, 56% less water, and produces 20% less greenhouse gas.
  • Laces & linings made of recycled plastic bottles. 9.5 bottles are renewed to make every pair.

You can buy TREAD by Everlane starting April 25th here.

TREAD Everlane footwear - New Sneaker collection