5 Etsy Shops to Buy Sustainable, Ethically Made, Interesting Products

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Etsy can be overwhelming with thousands of sellers and products. You can find everything on the marketplace these days, but there is definitely a female bias, not only because the platform has become a second source of income for a lot of women, but also because of the nature of appreciating unique handmade home goods and clothing that appeals to the shoppers of such items.

I started to favorite shops that focus on handmade and sustainable clothing, but there are many other categories that catch my eye in home decor and accessories that I don’t think I could discover anywhere else. And that is one of Etsy’s biggest strengths as an e-commerce platform: it helps you discover new and fun products you didn’t know you wanted, made by people who couldn’t afford to advertise on their own in order to be discovered by the site’s massive 39.5 billion user base.

Here are some of my favorite recently discovered Etsy shops.

BEACHA swemwear

Awesome swimsuits for awesome girls made in Tel Aviv.

High waisted reversible bikini on Etsy

High waisted reversible bikini


Handmade leather animals decor made in Melbourne.

fredamade leather octopus home decor on Etsy

fredamade leather octopus home decor

Ohh Lulu

Lingerie and luxe accessories like silk scrunchies and eye masks made in Canada.

Charcoal Gray 'Elixir' Velvet and Lace Hig Waist Panties Handmade Luxurious Undies Made to Order

Charcoal Gray ‘Elixir’ Velvet and Lace High Waist Panties

Sumarokova Atelier

Exquisite custom couture for women made in Ukraine.

Short Camel Wool Coat made to order in Ukraine

Short Camel Wool Coat


Baby clothes and other apparel made to order by moms. They carry gender-neutral baby clothes.

Gender neutral baby leggings

Gender neutral baby leggings

All images are from Etsy.