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About the Author | Not a fashion blogger

People tend to write their own “about” pages in the third person to seem more important. I am not one of those people.

As I sat down to think about what aspects of my life you could be interested in or enjoy without misrepresenting reality or stinking of ordinariness, I realized that such things are precisely the kind that you can’t explain in written word. Such an endeavor would be a pointless exercise is shameless self-promotion, which I’m not into. All I can tell you is that I love cheese and vintage horror movies. And vintage everything.

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On why I’m not a fashion blogger

I am not a fashion blogger, I do not have the time, skill or desire to make what I wear interesting and complex enough to make it my main life activity. Fashion bloggers are cool, though, I’m just not one of them. I work in eCommerce and online marketing and that’s much more stimulating. I do like shoes and I’ve always been into fashion, but I’m just not sure that to love fashion you have to buy a lot of stuff all the time. I’m a uniform advocate, a black and white color palette enthusiast, and a value shopper, which means I don’t buy a lot of cheap things, but look for awesome pieces only and upgrade my wardrobe constantly with more timeless and high-quality buys. The best part? I get most of my clothes and accessories at thrift shops and eBay. This has become the new standard.
Join me in this journey to upgrade my wardrobe and find a new meaning to the terms “lifestyle blogger”.