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Fashionably ethical in 3 easy steps

“Eww! I’m gonna have to go online and spend a lot of time before deciding what to buy…” Contributing to the ethical fashion mission doesn’t have to be hard or boring. There is not a massive number of hours needed in order to take initiative

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The pineapple and watermelon trends

The end is near. First it was all the nonsensical candy everywhere: drumsticks, donuts, lollipops, macaroons, cakes and cookies flooded Instagram, blogs and fashion online stores. And even if you think that trend is gone, it might still have ways to go before people realize how stupid

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Chic or not? Birkenstock sandals

    As part of what has been called the “ugly shoe” trend, these not so delicate pieces of footwear are on every little fashion lover these days. Here is the deal: I have flat feet,  I look for good sandals and running shoes that