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Fur in the summertime

(Faux fur) Have you noticed how people in fashion shoots always look like dead cows? Why aren’t they smiling? I mean, If they have such a good life and they are wearing top class clothes… why aren’t they happy? It seems to have become the

Kate Spade is made in China

Kate Spade New York is made in China?

For a while now, I have been a fervent defender of “clean clothes”, meaning that I want to know, with a good level of certainty, that my clothes were not made in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Vietnam or any other suspicious country. The Rana Plaza disaster

My favorite pieces from Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2015

Oh, yes, you know me and my obsession for black clothes. My picks are usually biased by this dark tendency, but  fear you must not: this is not a reflection of my personality, but rather a search for simplicity and convenience. Runway fashion is deceptive,