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Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

A truly functional capsule wardrobe is the holy grail of every fashionista. Or any woman. It can seem impossible, though, to escape from the seasonal allure of new and exciting new coats, boots and bags that we tell ourselves we need every new shopping cycle (summer,

Ethical Jewelry Brands, Made in USA, eco-friendly, made to last

Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry Brands

What is unethical about jewelry you can buy at fast fashion stores? To start, the labor conditions that prevail in such factories have driven thousands of consumers away from stores like Zara and Gap. Additionally, fires, child labor and building structural problems make it unacceptable

Cool Mother's Day Gifts | Fashionhedge

Cool Mother’s Day Gifts

Have you noticed that most Mother’s Day gifts are boring?  Moms can be young, cool and conscious too, why are you trying to give them a pepper shaker? Here is a list of products I found for young (or not so young) moms who like

Natural Makeup on Amazon

Best Natural Makeup Products to get on Amazon

Too many people dislike Amazon for making it challenging for small online retailers and pretty much everyone else to compete. With low pricing, great customer service and the biggest selection of products on earth, I believe the online giant provides a good service and that’s the

The Online Thrift Shopping Guide | Fashionhedge

The Complete Guide to Online Thrift Shopping

Have you ever been a victim of the thrift shop allure? Low prices and the possibility to stumble upon a hidden treasure can lead to spending hours digging through the most eclectic mix of garments only to end up empty handed or with a few random clothes

Made in USA Gift Guide

The Ultimate Made in USA Fashion Gift Guide

This Made in USA gift guide includes something for everyone, from the safe body care product to a statement  coat , all of which were handpicked not only for being made in America, but for their awesomeness. For this post, we collaborated with Christine from