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Slow Fashion Photo of the Week |

Slow Fashion Photo of the week

Location scouting in San Luis Obispo. Still feel weird about taking photos of myself. In the background, Madonna Mountain and Mikey, who is close to 11 months old now. Jewelry by Canned Goods, the full feature will be posted tomorrow!  Why Slow Fashion? | Vintage white

Top new ethical fashion labels

Top 3 Ethical Fashion Labels You Didn’t Know About

These fashion labels do not market themselves as “ethical” and you won’t find them in most ethical fashion brands lists, but they are definitely doing things right, as they give us a high quality product manufactured domestically and made mostly with natural materials. As we

Ethical Fashion Basics

Top 3 ethical fashion basics to shop right now

With the arrival of more extreme weather conditions, sometimes if becomes a necessity to invest in stylish winter clothing if you want to keep looking good while adjusting your wardrobe for low temperatures. On my shopping list for this winter are the following items, which

Slow fashion vintage denim street style

Three Easy Tips To Be a Slow Fashionista

Stop trying to copy someone else’s style It is tempting to take fashion bloggers and celebrities’ “inspiration” a little too far, after all, some of these girls look great with styles that they have crafted themselves, have excellent photographers and enough money to spend on high-end

Warby Parker Piper - Revolver Black

Warby Parker Sunglasses Home Try On

#WarbyHomeTryOn The secret to pick a pair of sunglasses: putting them on. That’s me with a pair of sunglasses and messy hair. I like my old sunglasses, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to try new ones on with no strings attached. You know that I appreciate statistical