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Constant Simplicity Transparent Supply Chain

Ethical Fashion, Transparency and Bamboo

By this point, we can all agree that there are certain ideas and projects in the world of ethical fashion that sound great and even look great, but when you look into the details, there can be holes in their sustainability stories. This is definitely

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A New Era in Swimwear

Katelyn Hill is the designer behind NÜERA, she grew up on the coast of Southern California and has been surfing since age 8. She started the brand in an attempt to bring the best of high fashion and high function together in swimwear and surf wear designs that celebrate

Fashion puppies

There is no doubt puppies can bring happiness to anyone in a matter of seconds. For centuries, humans have relied on pets for companionship and protection, but it seems that our furry friends have also served for inspiration to some of the biggest names the world of fashion.  

Renting your clothes?

Maybe you don’t wear that dress anymore, maybe you are a little sick of it or you just need a break. But it’s a good piece, well-crafted and you paid good money for it: you are not ready to let it go, but you feel

Why nobody gives a shirt about ethical fashion?

There has been a lot written about ethical fashion and there is a growing industry devoted to inform and manufacture ethically produced clothing and accessories, but when I talk to people around my age, near where I live, California, most of whom have a college

Fashionably ethical in 3 easy steps

“Eww! I’m gonna have to go online and spend a lot of time before deciding what to buy…” Contributing to the ethical fashion mission doesn’t have to be hard or boring. There is not a massive number of hours needed in order to take initiative