Wild Tussah

Wild Tussah

Wild Tussah preserves ancient weaving techniques by incorporating minority weaves into locally handcrafted bags for the modern world. These chic and minimalistic designs involve textiles from Lu, Cham and Hmong groups in Vietnam.

The Wild Tussah team is passionate about telling real stories from real people, working with their artisans closely and being transparent. They only create bags that are sustainable for the conscious consumer and beautiful for those who don’t want to sacrifice style. They believe that you should only buy products that can outlast seasonal trends and that you absolutely love.


Why is this company ethical?

Wild Tussah works with weavers directly and create handcrafted bags with local leather skills men. The motifs used are traditional, unchanged patterns.

Danica Ratte, Founder and Sustainable Fashion Designer, originally saw a decline in demand for these weaves and thought she had to do something about it.

“After moving to South East Asia, I noticed that weavers in Laos and Vietnam had a passion for teaching others about their culture. They eagerly answered questions, displayed their work with pride and were happy to see other people had an interest in their art. After doing more research, I learned that fewer girls were learning at an early age and some chose different occupations all together. Many wanted to be able to continue weaving, but in some locations they would not be able to provide for their family without the demand. That’s when I thought of Wild Tussah. When you buy a bag from us, you are sustaining a culture from thousands of years a go and showing that you deserve more from your brands.”