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Los Angeles, CA

Larkspur Lingerie

Larkspur Lingerie is a lingerie line for women of style and substance. They craft soft and sexy underpinnings in downtown Los Angeles from eco-friendly and organic fabrics. The fits are created to hug a woman’s curves, and cater to a more personal fantasy than most lingerie on the market. While they do carry neutrals, the colors are vivid and fun, and picked to be inspiring. Some favorite styles are the Githa Organic Cotton Bodysuit, and the Astrid slip and thong set in lace and luxury sheer mesh. The latest fall collection is created from hand dyed natural indigo organic cotton.

Why is this company ethical?

We use organic cotton, eco friendly modal and tencel, and repurposed designer silks. We sew everything in Downtown LA at fair wages under close supervision.


Los Angeles, California

LNA Made in USA Clothing for women and men | Conscious Shopping Guide

Lauren Alexander and April Leight are the minds behind LNA, a minimalist, ultra-wearable label for women and men that has made an impact on the streets of California and the rest of the world since its inception in 2007.LNA founders Lauren Alexander and April Leight Los Angeles fashion designers

Cotton tanks that fall perfectly into place giving you that effortless relaxed look that characterizes celebrities that manage to look great with a simple white shirt, light sweaters, tees and rompers in basic colors are everything you need, No organic X or fair trade Y, just good clothes.LNA skirt Made in Los Angeles California Shop Made in USA fashion | Conscious Shopping Guide


LNA has made a name for making their clothes in Los Angeles, but just to make sure, we asked them that question directly and here is what they said:Thank you for being a fan of the brand, we appreciate your business. All of our clothing is manufactured in the USA, we are based out of Los Angeles, and that’s also where our manufactures are based out of. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Made in USA
  • Good design
  • Natural fibers

You cah shop LNA at their official website or the following retailers:

LNA at Amazon

LNA at Revolve Clothing

LNA at Zappos

LNA at Shopbop

New York & Global
Maiyet is understated sustainable luxury and ethical fashion

Maiyet is understated sustainable luxury and ethical fashion

Maiyet is somewhat of a poster child for sustainable luxury. Not only are their creations a true testament to sophistication and understated chic, but they were also pioneers of ethical sourcing and transparent labor policies. This fashion house is special because of the status they’ve achieved both  in the world of ethical fashion and high-end apparel, something many aim for but very few are able to accomplish.

Our favorite? The way fashion comes first and it is only once you fall in love with the clothes and read further that you realize how amazing this company really is. Confidence in their brand and extraordinary attention to detail make Maiyet a stand-alone player in the high-end apparel market.

Economic development, environmental sustainability and the core belief that traditional artisan techniques around the weld should be preserved are only the secondary reasons why we like Maiyet, the first one being exquisite design and timeless taste. Maiyet collections are crafted in India Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Bolivia, Japan and Thailand using a multitude of local handcrafting techniques and contemporary design.

Shop Maiyet

Maiyet at Barney's New York

Shop Maiyet at Shopbop


San Francisco, CA

ModCloth was born in a college dorm room and today is one of the US top fashion retailers, bringing independent designs to a mainstream audience.

Why is this ethical fashion?

ModCloth focuses on independent designs from around the world and, through user generated data, it gives any designer the opportunity to bring their ideas to market through the “Make the Cut” program. Designers can also get in touch with the company through Designer District.

The company also discloses their California Transparency in Supply Chains Act guidelines, showing a commitment to a clean and transparent supply chain.

Although they have a lot of items marked as “imported”, which is not ideal, as the specific location is important if real transparency is being evaluated, they have a good selection of Made in USA designs including vintage design swimsuits and summer dresses with a 60’s vibe. In terms of materials, it is very mixed, but they disclose the composition of the fabric for most products, so you can decide between synthetic or natural fabrics. In addition to that, they offer sizes for women of all fits, which some consumers can view as a positive alternative to the size zero clothes and models that flood the fashion market.

We like some of the eccentric t-shirt designs, random girly accessories and floral dresses that look like they came from Mad Men’s wardrobe.

Shop ModCloth Made in USA

Shop ModCloth Made in America clothes

Featured product photo: Chics for itself dress

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Cincinnati, OH

Rodale's conscious lifestyle shopping site

Rodale’s is an American company with a long history in the field of sustainability and healthy living. The Rodale family has been involved in the healthy living business in many ways: JI Rodale is considered the founder of the Organic Movement in America, launching Organic Farming and Gardening magazine, in 1942 and Prevention magazine in 1950.  The Rodale Institute conducted the longest organic vs. traditional farming studies to assess organic agriculture’s viability. Robert Rodale, JI and Anna’s son founded Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines.

The site Rodale’s is today a full healthy-living shopping destination, offering apparel, skincare and beauty, and home products.

“We were sustainable before people used the word sustainable”

This company doesn’t only sell ethical fashion, but ethical everything, on the homepage you can read their 3 basic principles:

We care how it makes you feel

We care how it’s made

We care where it comes from

Under every product listed, you can find detailed information on those three aspects, including materials and manufacturing location, two features we at Fashionhedge consider essential for any slow/sustainable lifestyle product. There is also a brief section called “Why we chose it”, in which they explain specific qualities and ethical principles that make each product unique. Under “Meet the creator”, you can read about the actual company or person making each product. Transparency: check.

They offer carefully picked brands that live by such principles as well, including Amour Vert and Indigenous.

Rodales conscious lifestyle shopping siteRodales conscious lifestyle shopping site Rodales conscious lifestyle shopping site

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SUMMERLOVE Eco Friendly Swimwear
Santa Barbara, CA

Summerlove Eco Friendly swimwear made in USA

Summerlove is a brand of eco friendly swimwear that launched its debut collection Spring 2014, inspired by a love of travel and a surfer chic lifestyle. The look is California beach babe meets jet-setting siren.

“I saw a lack of alluring, eco-friendly swimwear and realized there was an important need that had not yet been fulfilled. We have a responsibility to protect the earth for future generations. So I have aspired to create a new eco brand that is fun, flirty and affordable, allowing women to easily make the choice to buy green and look gorgeous.”

Vanessa Rivers, founder

Why is this ethical fashion?

  • Made in USA
  • Eco-friendly swimwear made with innovative fabrics to reduce waste

Summerlove Swimwear is made in the USA with an Italian techno-fabric made with ECONYL, a 100% regenerated polyamide fiber.

Created through a process of regeneration, discarded materials are made into a new yarn that is used in the production of high performance fabrics. As a result Summerlove is not only eco-friendly, but also offers a wide range of benefits set to revolutionize the swimwear industry.

Each swimsuit comes in an organic, reusable swimwear bag, and orders are shipped in recycled mailers. Summerlove is also a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, joining companies like Patagonia that donate part of their proceeds to environmental causes.

Shop Summerlove bikinis

United Kingdom


THE-ACEY is the online destination for contemporary womenswear with a conscience. Sourcing brands that embody innovation and integrity throughout their supply chain without sacrificing style. The newly launched website is designed for the modern woman that appreciates quality, transparency and simplicity.

Founded by former marketing manager for the social enterprise and cult US shoe brand TOMS, Holly Allenby set out to discover brands that meet her ethics and aesthetics after being questioned ‘where can I buy responsibly sourced clothing without sacrificing style?’. Realising it wasn’t easy to access these incredible brands that are doing business better, Holly created THE-ACEY a global destination for conscious consumers.

Why is this company ethical?

THE-ACEY retails brands that are working to reduce their social and environmental impact. They define sustainable style by two simple qualities, innovation and integrity, here’s a bit more information on these qualities.

Our brands are clever, they think about every element of their business from source to store and are always working on new ways to improve and develop their companies, whether it’s new fabrics, local factories, clever business models or everyday ways of working. Our brands always push the boundaries.

The people and brands we work with are conscious of their outlay on the environment throughout the production chain. They also consider and care about the people behind the products they are producing.

Vegan Handbags Vegan Shoes
Sydney Brown Shoes Upcycled Leather Bags Cecilia Hammarborg Coats Camel Coats


The-Acey conscious fashion

+44 (0)1482 306994
New York

Theory | High quality and ethically made fashion for men and women

Theory was born in 1997 and since them, the combination of an American business model with European craftsmanship has lead the company to global status due to its quality and contemporary designs.

Since our founding in 1997, Theory has been known for making clothes with integrity for urban sophisticates. The tastemakers. The leaders. The thinkers. The doers.

The high-quality fabrics, clean cuts and timeless silhouettes make Theory one of fashionistas favorite brands. With styles great for work and casual settings, we know that a Theory purchase is a good investment.

“Theory defined its customer as global, intelligent, and fashion-savvy”.  On the company’s website, they claim that “Theory has been known for making clothes with integrity for urban sophisticates”, but there wasn’t much information on their corporate values or some of the practices that they associate with integrity, so we sent them an email. Here is what they said:

Thank you for contacting Theory customer service. I appreciate and understand your inquiry. It’s good to know there are consumers that are researching this area and making educated decisions. We have many factory locations around the world. Please be assured, our company is committed to maintaining integrity, respecting human rights, and caring for the environment. Consistent with our commitment, we have enacted a Code of Conduct for vendor factories, which is based upon principles of ethical business practices and human rights. The Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits the use of child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and coercion and harassment and requires compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We then require our vendor factories to certify and agree to our Code of Conduct, and we perform monitoring to evaluate compliance with our Code of Conduct. And employees and management responsible for sourcing finished goods and materials are trained and instructed regarding factory monitoring results, and are also provided with training toward raising awareness of the importance of human rights and environmental issues in supply chains. I hope the above satisfies your inquiry. We very much appreciate your business, and hope you will be a continued customer.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Great design
  • Timeless cuts
  • Made to last
  • Good sourcing policies

Shop Theory at: – official site

Nordstrom -great discounts

Saks 5th Avenue


Wabi Sabi
Europe ( Spain) and the US (NJ/NY)

Wabi Sabi EcoFashion Concept is a women´s contemporary fashion label inspired by great design, excellent quality and sustainability. Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept merges wellness with fashion by using only the finest 100% certified organic fabrics to design contemporary clothing that not only looks great, but will help you live healthier and happier.
Our fabrics come from nature but we design for city life. Our collections of day to evening dresses are both fashionable and functional.
Our inspiration comes from the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi (侘 寂) that celebrates authenticity, utility and beauty in a visually uncluttered way. Elegance, contemporary style, luxurious eco friendly fabrics, excellent fit and expert craftsmanship characterize each piece of Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept clothing.


Why is this company ethical?

“Sustainability is a way of life.” says Michele Cohen the company´s founder. “Through my work with Wabi Sabi I offer products that make it easy to incorporate sustainability into the lives of busy professional women like me. We need stylish, elegant, office appropriate clothing that meets the needs of our lifestyle and all the different roles we take on each and every day. Wabi Sabi stands apart from other contemporary clothing brands not only for our unique style, inspired by the philosophy of Wabi Sabi, but also because we incorporate the added value and benefits of using 100% organic fabrics that are good for the environment and good for people´s health. My mission with Wabi Sabi is to make choosing sustainability a no brainer!”

Wabi Sabi EFC uses the finest 100% certified organic fabrics, theyuse luxury quality, elegant fabrics that are organic therefore they are cultivated, transfored, dyed and finished without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our suppliers and factories have GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications.

Production is done is small independent ateliers that employ expert seamstresses. These ateliers are also women owned and run businesses.

Eco friendly Yoga Pants made in the USA | Yoga Democracy x Fashionhedge
Phoenix, AZ

Yoga Democracy activewear is made in the USA with high quality materials optimized for performance and partially made of recycled plastic bottles.

Read the feature