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THE-ACEY is the online destination for contemporary womenswear with a conscience. Sourcing brands that embody innovation and integrity throughout their supply chain without sacrificing style. The newly launched website is designed for the modern woman that appreciates quality, transparency and simplicity.

Founded by former marketing manager for the social enterprise and cult US shoe brand TOMS, Holly Allenby set out to discover brands that meet her ethics and aesthetics after being questioned ‘where can I buy responsibly sourced clothing without sacrificing style?’. Realising it wasn’t easy to access these incredible brands that are doing business better, Holly created THE-ACEY a global destination for conscious consumers.

Why is this company ethical?

THE-ACEY retails brands that are working to reduce their social and environmental impact. They define sustainable style by two simple qualities, innovation and integrity, here’s a bit more information on these qualities.

Our brands are clever, they think about every element of their business from source to store and are always working on new ways to improve and develop their companies, whether it’s new fabrics, local factories, clever business models or everyday ways of working. Our brands always push the boundaries.

The people and brands we work with are conscious of their outlay on the environment throughout the production chain. They also consider and care about the people behind the products they are producing.

Vegan Handbags Vegan Shoes
Sydney Brown Shoes Upcycled Leather Bags Cecilia Hammarborg Coats Camel Coats


The-Acey conscious fashion

+44 (0)1482 306994
Founded and conceptualized in Montreal, Canada. On the move to Cape Cod, MA, USA.

DEVINTO produces made to order and custom made clothing from sustainable, organic, natural and eco friendly fabrics. Most of the clothing produced is made with organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool and silk. The focus is to make fashionable, vintage inspired clothing (with a tinge of the dark and mysterious) while minimizing waste but not compromising style. DEVINTO was launched as a women’s wear brand but is planning to expand into men’s wear next season. DEVINTO pieces are made to order and are never mass produced thus adhering to ethical principles of fair work – each piece is hand cut to order and sewn at the studio.


Why is this company ethical?

Aiste Zitnikaite, DEVINTO’s founder and designer started the brand because having worked in the fashion industry for several years and seeing the not so glamorous aspects, decided that it had to be done differently. It was important to her not to participate in mass production and the waste that it generates, the unfair wages and treatment of the workers that produce garments overseas, the insane fashion industry schedule churning out more and more fast fashion, and the environmental impact of the textile industry. That is why DEVINTO puts out one collection of samples per year, which are photographed and added to the online store and only produced to order. The design is focused on timeless elegant pieces that are made to outlast fashion fads. All the fabrics used are sourced from certified organic eco friendly producers and the garments are made at the DEVINTO studio in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Wild Mantle brand
Colorado, USA

Wild Mantle primarily aims to make sustainable Mantles, hood-scarves that are made from alpaca wool, upcycled buttons, and organic product tags. Through the Mantles, the company wants their customers to feel a sense of empowerment to achieve their own Mantle, or one role in this world, as well as be a part of the environmental conscious movement.


Why is this company ethical?

The MANTLE ingredients include 100% superfine un-dyed alpaca and up-cycled buttons, all sewn together at an artisan, B-Corp certified knitting mill in Colorado.

Avi Fox, Founder and CEO.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US

GreenLinebyK is an eco focused and ethically driven womenswear label. With everyday comfort being the driving design motivation, their collection focuses primarily on knits. Their mission is to deliver quality handmade garments that are kind to our earth and, in many cases, give back.
Inspired by nature and the practice of wellness, GreenLinebyK creates garments that make a woman feel good about what she’s wearing. With the woman’s figure in mind, each piece is designed to celebrate the female figure and all that is ‘woman’.
Their newest addition to their label is the Yoga Essentials Collection. Each yoga piece is designed to easily make the transfer to daily living.


Why is this company ethical?

From seed to sewn, ethical at every step. Each piece is lovingly cut and made by hand – one piece at a time. GreenLinebyK strives to use only sustainable, natural and organic fibers. All pieces are made by local craftspeople and all fabrics are sourced from suppliers who share the brand’s principals and ethics.

Eco friendly Yoga Pants made in the USA | Yoga Democracy x Fashionhedge
Phoenix, AZ

Yoga Democracy activewear is made in the USA with high quality materials optimized for performance and partially made of recycled plastic bottles.

Read the feature

New York, NY

Zady is trying to create a new standard by distributing and producing high-quality garments with a clearly mapped supply chain. | Fashionhedge

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

Zady is one of the slow fashion pioneers that started offering very detailed information about each product they sold. Many of their clothes and accessories are made by artisans in different parts of the world and independent American designers.

  • Made in USA -some items
  • Transparent Supply Chain

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Animal Behavior
Los Angeles, CA

Animal Behavior clothes are locally produced with sustainable materials and the label dedicates part of their profits to animal protection.

San Francisco, CA

ModCloth was born in a college dorm room and today is one of the US top fashion retailers, bringing independent designs to a mainstream audience.

Why is this ethical fashion?

ModCloth focuses on independent designs from around the world and, through user generated data, it gives any designer the opportunity to bring their ideas to market through the “Make the Cut” program. Designers can also get in touch with the company through Designer District.

The company also discloses their California Transparency in Supply Chains Act guidelines, showing a commitment to a clean and transparent supply chain.

Although they have a lot of items marked as “imported”, which is not ideal, as the specific location is important if real transparency is being evaluated, they have a good selection of Made in USA designs including vintage design swimsuits and summer dresses with a 60’s vibe. In terms of materials, it is very mixed, but they disclose the composition of the fabric for most products, so you can decide between synthetic or natural fabrics. In addition to that, they offer sizes for women of all fits, which some consumers can view as a positive alternative to the size zero clothes and models that flood the fashion market.

We like some of the eccentric t-shirt designs, random girly accessories and floral dresses that look like they came from Mad Men’s wardrobe.

Shop ModCloth Made in USA

Shop ModCloth Made in America clothes

Featured product photo: Chics for itself dress

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Amour Vert
San Francisco, CA

Shop Amour Vert at Revolve Clothing

Amour Vert is an American clothing manufacturer with a focus on producing garments with a low environmental impact. Their collections are a cross between classic and trendy, and they offer basic wardrobe staples for women who value style but also care for how their clothes are made. The brand has marketed itself as a modern fashion brand, and they are sold in more “traditional” fashion stores, such as Revolve and Nordstrom. We believe they are a true example of a sustainable fashion brand that has used the right marketing and distribution channels, but most importantly, the product is good, a feature that many eco fashion brands tend to forget.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Made in USA
  • Use of non-toxic dyes
  • Use of more sustainable fibers, mostly natural: silk and cotton. Synthetic fibers like Spandex are use only in very small percentages for garments that need to be more elastic.
  • They have a zero-waste policy.

Shop Amour Vert at Revolve Clothing.


Wren and Glory
Brooklyn, NY

Wren + Glory is a jewelry brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Two sisters make the unconventional designs in an endeavor that started as a hobby and today captivates more than 7,000 Instagram followers. Their pieces are contemporary, but with their own twist, check out their midi rings and stylish necklaces, they are definitely trendy but special enough to survive the fashion seasons. If you had been wondering where to get midi rings or adjustable rings and bracelets, Wren + Glory are an ethical alternative to consider.

Why we chose it?

  • Original designs
  • Made in USA
  • Good quality for the price

Featured products:

Wren and Glory Swirl Ring Set

Wren and Glory Swirl Ring Set | 18K Gold Plated Brass | $175

Wren and Glory Thin Branch necklace | Concious shopping guide | Made in USA

Wren and Glory Thin Branch Necklace | Oxidized Silver Plated Brass | $75

Wren and Glory Double Lightning Ring | Made in USA jewelry

Wren and Glory Double Lightning Ring | 18K Matte Gold Plated Brass | $95

From Instagram:

Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide Wren and Glory Jewelry | Ethical fashion | Made in USA | Conscious Shopping Guide

Shop Wren and GloryWren and Glory | Made in USA jewelry