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Conscious Shopping Guide

This is our shopping guide for ethical fashion, sustainable fashion and slow fashion products. We have categorized each brand by general product category and by ethical feature to offer a comprehensive guide for conscious consumers. This list currently includes mostly fashion but it will soon include beauty products, food and home goods.

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How to use this guide?

Navigate to the category of interest (i.e: Women’s Apparel), a list of the brands in this category will appear and you can access the single listing page by clicking on the featured image or the company title link. Some of the information offered is: company website, ethical features, brief brand story and , in some cases, featured products.

Are these listings paid?

While the brands on the list are hand-picked by our editorial team, some listings include affiliate links, which means we get a percentage of the sales that were obtained through that link. We tag such listings as “Sponsored listing” at the bottom of the post. We constantly reject brands that want to be listed here because they don’t meed our quality guidelines, which include complying with our ethical values as well as offering an excellent and desirable product. If you are a brand owner, you can contact us to be included here, as of today, we don’t charge any fee to list companies in this directory. Your request will be subject to evaluation and posted given that it meets our criteria.

Any feedback?

We are always looking to improve our website, if you have any suggestions on how to better set up this guide to help you make the most of it, we encourage you to let us know how can we change it and we will try our best to make the necessary improvements. Contact us with feedback, corrections, brands you want to see here or any question about the products.

Why do you need a conscious shopping guide?

You don’t. You can buy anything you want at very good prices anywhere online. This is a guide for people that take their role as consumers more seriously and acknowledge the power that their buying habits have in their lives and those of others. Most “conscious” products and marketing fail to be transparent enough about their real motivations and product features, so we do not believe most of those claims. You will find in this directory well known ethical brands as well as more conventional labels that, even when they don’t market themselves that way, definitely pass our smell test.