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Two neighbors ethical fashion

Two Neighbors

Two Neighbors is an ethical fashion label bringing together Israeli and Palestinian women to make beautiful clothes and help bridge a history of divisiveness and hate.   Where are the Two Neighbors manufacturing facilities located? The embroidery is made in Palestine villages and then the

Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017

Eco Fashion Week Australia

This is everything we know about Eco Fashion Week Australia. Eco Fashion Week Australia brings together designers, artists, activists, community, and media to raise awareness about environmentally conscious fashion. The initiative is Australia’s first Eco fashion major event. Besides fashion runway shows, the event will feature

Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool is more than a fashion label. It’s art, it’s photography and performance. These creations feature original designs and they are made in Barcelona. Too good to be true. It’s a graphic tee lover’s dream come true and an independent designer seeker’s climax.

Tamay & Me is a label of ethically made jackets. They are manufactured in Vietnam

The Current State of Ethical Fashion

The concept of ethical fashion has been in the periphery of progressive writers and bloggers for a while now. Ethical Fashion Forum, the first legitimate organization created with the purpose of establishing a network of resources to help companies produce clothes more ethically and bring

Dolores Haze is a brand of sustainable and ethical fashion made in New York, their Girl Power T-Shirt is made with organic cotton and 10% of the proceeds is donated to Planned Parenthood

Girl Power T-Shirt

Do you remember that story about the feminist t-shirt being made in a sweatshop? It was back in 2014, but the hypocrisy behind that is still striking today. Not only because of the horrible irony that a t-shirt promoting feminism was made by women working

Reformation Petites | Sorrenti pant checkers

Reformation Petites

If someone ever made you feel bad about not being able to reach that top shelf, this is where it is all worth it (ok, maybe not). With so many media images portraying beauty as a very one-dimensional set of attributes, it’s nice to see