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Chic or not? Birkenstock sandals

    As part of what has been called the “ugly shoe” trend, these not so delicate pieces of footwear are on every little fashion lover these days. Here is the deal: I have flat feet,  I look for good sandals and running shoes that

Top 5 things I hate about fashion bloggers

Update (03/13/2015). This post has gotten a lot of attention and it remains one of my most popular entries even after almost 8 months, so I want to clear a few things up: – I don’t hate anybody, I only love ♥ (the word hate, believe

Top 5 lessons from fashion bloggers

Yes, yes, they might be retarded, self-centered, superficial and frustrated excuses fur models. But the rise of fashion bloggers tells us a lot about how consumer habits are changing and the different marketing techniques that will work in the near future. Stunning photography Even if

The fashion blogger plague

You love them too, don’t even try to deny it: those long legs, big sunglasses and brand name purses. The quintessence of fashion in five photos. Be honest with yourself: how often do you check your little favorite skinny girl’s blog? Once a month? Once a

Top 5 things you should know by 28

Every year gets better. Believe me. I look back at when I was 20 and I throw up a little bit in my mouth. It is not without failure, tears, minor isolated successes and a collection of experiences, people and places discovered that I realized