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Ethical Fashion Basics

Top 3 ethical fashion basics to shop right now

With the arrival of more extreme weather conditions, sometimes if becomes a necessity to invest in stylish winter clothing if you want to keep looking good while adjusting your wardrobe for low temperatures. On my shopping list for this winter are the following items, which

Yarina in The white t-shirt co black fitted tee

The Perfect T-Shirt

      The product What would you look for if you were trying to find the perfect white t-shirt? Would you focus on the fabric, the design, the quality or that it’s responsibly made? Really, you need all of those , and that’s what The White

H&M sustainability report

H&M needs more than a conscious collection

The path to sustainability For a few months now, the fast fashion retailer H&M has been talking about a Conscious collection, somehow involving sustainability and a more ethical approach to their manufacturing. Curious, I checked out their website to read more about the initiative.  The