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The truth about fair trade products

The Truth About Fair Trade

Have you ever wondered what Fair Trade really means? You might understand what is implied by the name itself: fair dealing for the producers of consumer goods and commodities. But how exactly does Fair Trade work and why is there more to it than a

Saving the planet with your clothes? | Fashionhedge

Are you really saving the planet with your clothes?

I see so many organic cotton t-shirts and fair trade companies that it’s hard not to wonder: Is buying these things really making a difference? I firmly believe that ethical or sustainable fashion is a lot more about personal habits than the qualities of a

H&M CEO comments truth

The truth about H&M’s CEO comments on The Guardian

Why is everyone in the ethical fashion community so mad at H&M’s CEO? The controversy was spun by this article published on The Guardian where Karl-Johan Persson noted that  “…if we were to decrease 10% to 20% of everything we don’t need, the result on

How can Slow Fashion Be Successful?

What Does Slow Fashion Need to be Successful?

Have you noticed how some “green” or “ethical” brands these days want to make you think you are helping the world or solving a big picture problem, like human rights or climate change? The sales pitch went from “this is a great product” to “buying

Legally Awesome: Elle Woods hero’s journey

Yes, I am going to talk about Legally Blonde, exposing myself to being criticized and accused guilty of piggy-backing on trivial pop culture sub-topics to generate content, but you know me, I like to offer different perspectives on familiar subjects. Today, I want to explore