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San Francisco, CA

Everlane on Fashionhedge Ethical Fashion Shopping Directory

Everlane is one of the pioneers of transparent supply chain fashion. With a startupy work philosophy and a clear business model, the California-based apparel retailer has become one of the biggest names in ethical fashion. With a direct-to-consumer model and a focus on simple, timeless designs, the company navigates the worlds of mainstream and conscious fashion, because, who said that they were mutually exclusive?

Why is this ethical fashion?

In every Everlane product page, you will see a breakdown of the product’s cost, so you know exactly how much of the final price goes to the company and to pay for transportation, materials and labor. This very simple, but yet powerful piece of information is a great example of transparency. Even when those numbers don’t really tell you anything by themselves (and there is not a third party certifying their accuracy), information is a luxury that allows us to get a clearer picture and, with the help of other sources, can help us assess whether the price we are being charged is fair or not.

Everlane Transparent Pricing | Ethical Fashion Shopping

They also disclose a lot of information about the factories in which their products are made, check out the Tee and Sweatshirt Factory and The Shoe Factory.

Aside from the great level of transparency and simple designs, we like the fact that Everlane is just a good business, they don’t claim to be saving poor villages  or donate money to X and Y cause, they are just making products the best way they can.


Stella McCartney
London, UK

Since 2001, Stella McCartney has been one of the most visible fashion houses in the movement to end animal cruelty, improving environmental standards and creating fair working conditions in its supply chain.

Why is this ethical and sustainable fashion?

Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers of sustainable and ethical fashion and eco luxury. They define themselves, like their creative director, as a vegetarian company, setting themselves apart from may other high fashion designers who do use leather and real fur in their collections. Stella McCartney uses only vegan leather and faux fur.

But their commitment goes beyond veganism, as the company has clear sustainability goals and environmental standards, part of the greater commitment of their parent company, Kering. This designer was the first one of its kind to create eco fashion that appeals to consumers via design first and ethics later. Here are some of the company’s sustainability goals:

  • 25% reduction in carbon emissions, waste and water usage resulting from the production of products and services, while accounting for the growth of the business.
  • 100% of paper and packaging will be sourced from certified sustainably managed forests with a minimum of 50% recycled content.
  • 100% of hazardous chemicals will be phased out and eliminated from production by 2020.

Stella MCartney has been PVC free since 2010 and are still working to become more sustainable. Additionally, their sourcing policies are a reflection of their commitments to more ethical and sustainable fashion, for example, refusing to sell fragrances in China, where animal testing is required.

In regards to ethical trading and human rights, the company is part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, commuting to safe and humanitarian working conditions and protecting workers from exploitation or discrimination. Overall, the company makes constant efforts to ensure that their products are made with integrity.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel makes basic wardrobe essentials with different types of natural fibers and some synthetic/natural mixes. The offer 100% organic cotton garments and they disclose their factory locations and labor management practices.

Why is this ethical fashion?

65% of their fabrics are of a more sustainable nature than most conventional fabrics.

They use low impact dyes and natural dyes.

They use a process that requires 60% less water to finish some garments.

They are a Certified Green business, a designation by the city of LA.

Shop Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

Sponsored listing.


Amour Vert
San Francisco, CA

Shop Amour Vert at Revolve Clothing

Amour Vert is an American clothing manufacturer with a focus on producing garments with a low environmental impact. Their collections are a cross between classic and trendy, and they offer basic wardrobe staples for women who value style but also care for how their clothes are made. The brand has marketed itself as a modern fashion brand, and they are sold in more “traditional” fashion stores, such as Revolve and Nordstrom. We believe they are a true example of a sustainable fashion brand that has used the right marketing and distribution channels, but most importantly, the product is good, a feature that many eco fashion brands tend to forget.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Made in USA
  • Use of non-toxic dyes
  • Use of more sustainable fibers, mostly natural: silk and cotton. Synthetic fibers like Spandex are use only in very small percentages for garments that need to be more elastic.
  • They have a zero-waste policy.

Shop Amour Vert at Revolve Clothing.


Animal Behavior
Los Angeles, CA

Animal Behavior clothes are locally produced with sustainable materials and the label dedicates part of their profits to animal protection.

Clare V.
Los Angeles, CA

Clare V. LA designer Lookbook | Conscious shopping Guide

Clare V. is a LA based accessories label. Clare Vivier started making handbags and other accessories in 2008 and her collections are functional, yet stylish and with a French feel to them; flat and folded clutches, messenger bags, laptop cases, crossbody purses and timeless totes are made in Los Angeles, where the designer has strong ties with the fashion community.

Clare Vivier  | LA designer

The popular oversized clutch/laptop bag is one of the label’s staples and since we love multi-functionality, it is definitely our favorite piece of her collection.

We love the simplicity and beauty of her designs, the color schemes and the versatility of each piece. Effortless, stylish accessories  that mix really well with our slow fashion lifestyle.

This is what a a PR representative said when we asked if everything was made in the USA:

Yes – everything is made in LA.  Additionally, the brand buys leather from all over the world and then uses as much of the hide if possible, so we try and make use of scraps when we can, too.

What’s not to love?

Why is this ethical fashion?

  • Made to last
  • Made in USA
  • No waste policy
  • Timelessness design

Featured products:

Clare V. Flat clutch Jaguar  | $150 | Made in USA | inside view Clare V. Flat clutch Jaguar  | $150 | Made in USA | Ethical fashionFlat clutch Jaguar  | $150

Clare V Handbags and accessories made in Los Angeles | Oversize leather laptop bagOversize clutch in Grey | $290

Clare V leather goods made in USA | Oversize clutch in blackOversized clutch in Black | $339

Clare V French designer | Jaguar clutch made in LAFoldover clutch Jaguar | $220

Shop Clare V. at official website and at Need Supply

Shop Clare V. handbags and accessoreis Made in America

Durham, NC

Constant Simplicity offers sustainable fashion for men and women. Each collection is fully transparent from seed to stitch. Everyone should know how their clothes are made and who makes them. It is the brands mission to get closer to the product and bring you back the stories of those who make your clothes.

Fashionhedge interviewed Atnyel, the company’s founder, you can read the posts here:




Why is this company ethical?

Being ethical for Constant Simplicity is making sure everyone across the supply chain are treated with respect and with fair wages and a fair share of the margins. it is about respecting everyone involved and knowing them. Constant Simplicity takes pride in its transparent supply chain and in its ability to get to know all of those involved from seed to stitch. The brand’s emphasis on sustainability also helps work with the suppliers and factories on health and safety issues.

“The brands’ prosperity has to be translated into the prosperity of all of those involved making our beautiful products”

– Atnyel Guedj, Founder of Constant Simplicity.

Founded and conceptualized in Montreal, Canada. On the move to Cape Cod, MA, USA.

DEVINTO produces made to order and custom made clothing from sustainable, organic, natural and eco friendly fabrics. Most of the clothing produced is made with organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool and silk. The focus is to make fashionable, vintage inspired clothing (with a tinge of the dark and mysterious) while minimizing waste but not compromising style. DEVINTO was launched as a women’s wear brand but is planning to expand into men’s wear next season. DEVINTO pieces are made to order and are never mass produced thus adhering to ethical principles of fair work – each piece is hand cut to order and sewn at the studio.


Why is this company ethical?

Aiste Zitnikaite, DEVINTO’s founder and designer started the brand because having worked in the fashion industry for several years and seeing the not so glamorous aspects, decided that it had to be done differently. It was important to her not to participate in mass production and the waste that it generates, the unfair wages and treatment of the workers that produce garments overseas, the insane fashion industry schedule churning out more and more fast fashion, and the environmental impact of the textile industry. That is why DEVINTO puts out one collection of samples per year, which are photographed and added to the online store and only produced to order. The design is focused on timeless elegant pieces that are made to outlast fashion fads. All the fabrics used are sourced from certified organic eco friendly producers and the garments are made at the DEVINTO studio in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

shop EDUN

“Founded by Ali Hewson and her husband, the singer Bono, the aim of Edun is to promote trade in Africa by sourcing production through-out the continent”.

fertha boutique
London, Notting Hill, 36 Hereford Road, W2 5AJ, London

fertha is a socially conscious boutique supporting a variety of charities, stocking carefully selected clothes and accessories for women and men alongside trinkets for the home. fertha seeks to re-route the supply chain of the clothing industry by utilising garments that already exist, all sourced from charity donations, in turn creating an additional and increased revenue stream for the charities involved.

At the core of fertha is the mission to turn mass-production shopping on its fashionista head, changing the life cycle of clothes and the way people think about shopping forever.

fertha houses multiple UK charities together under one roof, re-defining the idea of the current high street charity shop – enabling charities not only to receive an increase on their current price points but providing them with a wider marketplace to target consumers as concession brands.


Why is this company ethical?

fertha strives to extend the lifecycle of garments which have already been produced, with the aim of replacing purchases of newly produced items for second hand pieces. In turn reducing the negative connotations on the environment which result from the manufacturing of mass produced garments.

fertha believes that there is a place for the production sustainable garments made in an ethical way, and we also believes that if more people replaced even just a few of their new purchases with items bought from fertha or charity shops, it would help make the world a better place in so many ways.