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Stella McCartney
London, UK

Since 2001, Stella McCartney has been one of the most visible fashion houses in the movement to end animal cruelty, improving environmental standards and creating fair working conditions in its supply chain.

Why is this ethical and sustainable fashion?

Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers of sustainable and ethical fashion and eco luxury. They define themselves, like their creative director, as a vegetarian company, setting themselves apart from may other high fashion designers who do use leather and real fur in their collections. Stella McCartney uses only vegan leather and faux fur.

But their commitment goes beyond veganism, as the company has clear sustainability goals and environmental standards, part of the greater commitment of their parent company, Kering. This designer was the first one of its kind to create eco fashion that appeals to consumers via design first and ethics later. Here are some of the company’s sustainability goals:

  • 25% reduction in carbon emissions, waste and water usage resulting from the production of products and services, while accounting for the growth of the business.
  • 100% of paper and packaging will be sourced from certified sustainably managed forests with a minimum of 50% recycled content.
  • 100% of hazardous chemicals will be phased out and eliminated from production by 2020.

Stella MCartney has been PVC free since 2010 and are still working to become more sustainable. Additionally, their sourcing policies are a reflection of their commitments to more ethical and sustainable fashion, for example, refusing to sell fragrances in China, where animal testing is required.

In regards to ethical trading and human rights, the company is part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, commuting to safe and humanitarian working conditions and protecting workers from exploitation or discrimination. Overall, the company makes constant efforts to ensure that their products are made with integrity.

Animal Behavior
Los Angeles, CA

Animal Behavior clothes are locally produced with sustainable materials and the label dedicates part of their profits to animal protection.

Good On You

Good On You ranks brands and products based on their transparency and ethical features.

Topanga, California

Odacite natural skincare

We love this brand of cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA skincare brand.

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse sells eco fabrics and haberdashery mapping out the origin and ethical qualities behind the products. Some of their fabrics include: organic certified cotton, peace silk and bamboo.

Why is this company ethical?

At Fashionhedge, we believe the origin of our products is important. Offset Warehouse does a great job at letting the consumer know where their fabrics come from, along with a lot of insightful information about different fibers abd their qualities. They sell fabrics that can be considered eco friendly due to their lower water requirements, like bamboo and others like Peace silk, which protects the life of the silkworm.

We interviewed Charlie Rose, the founder of Offset Warehouse and this is what she told us about her company’s mission:

I started Offset Warehouse to prove that it’s perfectly possible to be ethical without compromising the quality, appearance and price of fashion and soft furnishing products.  Making beautiful things shouldn’t harm the environment or the people who make them.  I source from all over the world to bring together a range of eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile projects, and at affordable prices.

We believe this company is ethical because of their interest in providing a more environmentally friendly alternative for designers at reasonable prices.

United Kingdom


THE-ACEY is the online destination for contemporary womenswear with a conscience. Sourcing brands that embody innovation and integrity throughout their supply chain without sacrificing style. The newly launched website is designed for the modern woman that appreciates quality, transparency and simplicity.

Founded by former marketing manager for the social enterprise and cult US shoe brand TOMS, Holly Allenby set out to discover brands that meet her ethics and aesthetics after being questioned ‘where can I buy responsibly sourced clothing without sacrificing style?’. Realising it wasn’t easy to access these incredible brands that are doing business better, Holly created THE-ACEY a global destination for conscious consumers.

Why is this company ethical?

THE-ACEY retails brands that are working to reduce their social and environmental impact. They define sustainable style by two simple qualities, innovation and integrity, here’s a bit more information on these qualities.

Our brands are clever, they think about every element of their business from source to store and are always working on new ways to improve and develop their companies, whether it’s new fabrics, local factories, clever business models or everyday ways of working. Our brands always push the boundaries.

The people and brands we work with are conscious of their outlay on the environment throughout the production chain. They also consider and care about the people behind the products they are producing.

Vegan Handbags Vegan Shoes
Sydney Brown Shoes Upcycled Leather Bags Cecilia Hammarborg Coats Camel Coats


The-Acey conscious fashion

+44 (0)1482 306994
Vilma Boutique
Athens, Greece

Vilma Boutique makes vegan handbags and clutches using techniques that are softer on the environment. Their clutches have just enough color to make you feel festive, and are sober enough for your weekday wardrobe at the same time. Check out their dual color totes and clutches perfect for a vegan gift and a personal treat. The prices are nice too, so you could grab two.

PS: remember the song Sober, by Tool… Tool ♥


Eco friendly Yoga Pants made in the USA | Yoga Democracy x Fashionhedge
Phoenix, AZ

Yoga Democracy activewear is made in the USA with high quality materials optimized for performance and partially made of recycled plastic bottles.

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