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San Francisco, CA

Everlane on Fashionhedge Ethical Fashion Shopping Directory

Everlane is one of the pioneers of transparent supply chain fashion. With a startupy work philosophy and a clear business model, the California-based apparel retailer has become one of the biggest names in ethical fashion. With a direct-to-consumer model and a focus on simple, timeless designs, the company navigates the worlds of mainstream and conscious fashion, because, who said that they were mutually exclusive?

Why is this ethical fashion?

In every Everlane product page, you will see a breakdown of the product’s cost, so you know exactly how much of the final price goes to the company and to pay for transportation, materials and labor. This very simple, but yet powerful piece of information is a great example of transparency. Even when those numbers don’t really tell you anything by themselves (and there is not a third party certifying their accuracy), information is a luxury that allows us to get a clearer picture and, with the help of other sources, can help us assess whether the price we are being charged is fair or not.

Everlane Transparent Pricing | Ethical Fashion Shopping

They also disclose a lot of information about the factories in which their products are made, check out the Tee and Sweatshirt Factory and The Shoe Factory.

Aside from the great level of transparency and simple designs, we like the fact that Everlane is just a good business, they don’t claim to be saving poor villages  or donate money to X and Y cause, they are just making products the best way they can.


Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel makes basic wardrobe essentials with different types of natural fibers and some synthetic/natural mixes. The offer 100% organic cotton garments and they disclose their factory locations and labor management practices.

Why is this ethical fashion?

65% of their fabrics are of a more sustainable nature than most conventional fabrics.

They use low impact dyes and natural dyes.

They use a process that requires 60% less water to finish some garments.

They are a Certified Green business, a designation by the city of LA.

Shop Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

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Durham, NC

Constant Simplicity offers sustainable fashion for men and women. Each collection is fully transparent from seed to stitch. Everyone should know how their clothes are made and who makes them. It is the brands mission to get closer to the product and bring you back the stories of those who make your clothes.

Fashionhedge interviewed Atnyel, the company’s founder, you can read the posts here:




Why is this company ethical?

Being ethical for Constant Simplicity is making sure everyone across the supply chain are treated with respect and with fair wages and a fair share of the margins. it is about respecting everyone involved and knowing them. Constant Simplicity takes pride in its transparent supply chain and in its ability to get to know all of those involved from seed to stitch. The brand’s emphasis on sustainability also helps work with the suppliers and factories on health and safety issues.

“The brands’ prosperity has to be translated into the prosperity of all of those involved making our beautiful products”

– Atnyel Guedj, Founder of Constant Simplicity.

fertha boutique
London, Notting Hill, 36 Hereford Road, W2 5AJ, London

fertha is a socially conscious boutique supporting a variety of charities, stocking carefully selected clothes and accessories for women and men alongside trinkets for the home. fertha seeks to re-route the supply chain of the clothing industry by utilising garments that already exist, all sourced from charity donations, in turn creating an additional and increased revenue stream for the charities involved.

At the core of fertha is the mission to turn mass-production shopping on its fashionista head, changing the life cycle of clothes and the way people think about shopping forever.

fertha houses multiple UK charities together under one roof, re-defining the idea of the current high street charity shop – enabling charities not only to receive an increase on their current price points but providing them with a wider marketplace to target consumers as concession brands.


Why is this company ethical?

fertha strives to extend the lifecycle of garments which have already been produced, with the aim of replacing purchases of newly produced items for second hand pieces. In turn reducing the negative connotations on the environment which result from the manufacturing of mass produced garments.

fertha believes that there is a place for the production sustainable garments made in an ethical way, and we also believes that if more people replaced even just a few of their new purchases with items bought from fertha or charity shops, it would help make the world a better place in so many ways.

Good On You

Good On You ranks brands and products based on their transparency and ethical features.

Los Angeles, California

LNA Made in USA Clothing for women and men | Conscious Shopping Guide

Lauren Alexander and April Leight are the minds behind LNA, a minimalist, ultra-wearable label for women and men that has made an impact on the streets of California and the rest of the world since its inception in 2007.LNA founders Lauren Alexander and April Leight Los Angeles fashion designers

Cotton tanks that fall perfectly into place giving you that effortless relaxed look that characterizes celebrities that manage to look great with a simple white shirt, light sweaters, tees and rompers in basic colors are everything you need, No organic X or fair trade Y, just good clothes.LNA skirt Made in Los Angeles California Shop Made in USA fashion | Conscious Shopping Guide


LNA has made a name for making their clothes in Los Angeles, but just to make sure, we asked them that question directly and here is what they said:Thank you for being a fan of the brand, we appreciate your business. All of our clothing is manufactured in the USA, we are based out of Los Angeles, and that’s also where our manufactures are based out of. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Made in USA
  • Good design
  • Natural fibers

You cah shop LNA at their official website or the following retailers:

LNA at Amazon

LNA at Revolve Clothing

LNA at Zappos

LNA at Shopbop

New York, NY

Zady is trying to create a new standard by distributing and producing high-quality garments with a clearly mapped supply chain. | Fashionhedge

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

Zady is one of the slow fashion pioneers that started offering very detailed information about each product they sold. Many of their clothes and accessories are made by artisans in different parts of the world and independent American designers.

  • Made in USA -some items
  • Transparent Supply Chain

Shop Zady


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