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San Francisco, CA

ModCloth was born in a college dorm room and today is one of the US top fashion retailers, bringing independent designs to a mainstream audience.

Why is this ethical fashion?

ModCloth focuses on independent designs from around the world and, through user generated data, it gives any designer the opportunity to bring their ideas to market through the “Make the Cut” program. Designers can also get in touch with the company through Designer District.

The company also discloses their California Transparency in Supply Chains Act guidelines, showing a commitment to a clean and transparent supply chain.

Although they have a lot of items marked as “imported”, which is not ideal, as the specific location is important if real transparency is being evaluated, they have a good selection of Made in USA designs including vintage design swimsuits and summer dresses with a 60’s vibe. In terms of materials, it is very mixed, but they disclose the composition of the fabric for most products, so you can decide between synthetic or natural fabrics. In addition to that, they offer sizes for women of all fits, which some consumers can view as a positive alternative to the size zero clothes and models that flood the fashion market.

We like some of the eccentric t-shirt designs, random girly accessories and floral dresses that look like they came from Mad Men’s wardrobe.

Shop ModCloth Made in USA

Shop ModCloth Made in America clothes

Featured product photo: Chics for itself dress

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Cincinnati, OH

Rodale's conscious lifestyle shopping site

Rodale’s is an American company with a long history in the field of sustainability and healthy living. The Rodale family has been involved in the healthy living business in many ways: JI Rodale is considered the founder of the Organic Movement in America, launching Organic Farming and Gardening magazine, in 1942 and Prevention magazine in 1950.  The Rodale Institute conducted the longest organic vs. traditional farming studies to assess organic agriculture’s viability. Robert Rodale, JI and Anna’s son founded Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines.

The site Rodale’s is today a full healthy-living shopping destination, offering apparel, skincare and beauty, and home products.

“We were sustainable before people used the word sustainable”

This company doesn’t only sell ethical fashion, but ethical everything, on the homepage you can read their 3 basic principles:

We care how it makes you feel

We care how it’s made

We care where it comes from

Under every product listed, you can find detailed information on those three aspects, including materials and manufacturing location, two features we at Fashionhedge consider essential for any slow/sustainable lifestyle product. There is also a brief section called “Why we chose it”, in which they explain specific qualities and ethical principles that make each product unique. Under “Meet the creator”, you can read about the actual company or person making each product. Transparency: check.

They offer carefully picked brands that live by such principles as well, including Amour Vert and Indigenous.

Rodales conscious lifestyle shopping siteRodales conscious lifestyle shopping site Rodales conscious lifestyle shopping site

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New York, NY

Zady is trying to create a new standard by distributing and producing high-quality garments with a clearly mapped supply chain. | Fashionhedge

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

Zady is one of the slow fashion pioneers that started offering very detailed information about each product they sold. Many of their clothes and accessories are made by artisans in different parts of the world and independent American designers.

  • Made in USA -some items
  • Transparent Supply Chain

Shop Zady


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