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New York

Theory | High quality and ethically made fashion for men and women

Theory was born in 1997 and since them, the combination of an American business model with European craftsmanship has lead the company to global status due to its quality and contemporary designs.

Since our founding in 1997, Theory has been known for making clothes with integrity for urban sophisticates. The tastemakers. The leaders. The thinkers. The doers.

The high-quality fabrics, clean cuts and timeless silhouettes make Theory one of fashionistas favorite brands. With styles great for work and casual settings, we know that a Theory purchase is a good investment.

“Theory defined its customer as global, intelligent, and fashion-savvy”.  On the company’s website, they claim that “Theory has been known for making clothes with integrity for urban sophisticates”, but there wasn’t much information on their corporate values or some of the practices that they associate with integrity, so we sent them an email. Here is what they said:

Thank you for contacting Theory customer service. I appreciate and understand your inquiry. It’s good to know there are consumers that are researching this area and making educated decisions. We have many factory locations around the world. Please be assured, our company is committed to maintaining integrity, respecting human rights, and caring for the environment. Consistent with our commitment, we have enacted a Code of Conduct for vendor factories, which is based upon principles of ethical business practices and human rights. The Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits the use of child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and coercion and harassment and requires compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We then require our vendor factories to certify and agree to our Code of Conduct, and we perform monitoring to evaluate compliance with our Code of Conduct. And employees and management responsible for sourcing finished goods and materials are trained and instructed regarding factory monitoring results, and are also provided with training toward raising awareness of the importance of human rights and environmental issues in supply chains. I hope the above satisfies your inquiry. We very much appreciate your business, and hope you will be a continued customer.

Why is this Ethical Fashion?

  • Great design
  • Timeless cuts
  • Made to last
  • Good sourcing policies

Shop Theory at: – official site

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