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Tiff Wu Essentials Handbag

The Luxury Ethical Handbag You Actually Want to Wear

Tiff Wu is the new ethically made handbag designer offering a great alternative to those of us looking for a more ethically made high quality purse. It is not vegan or made in some African cooperative, it’s made in USA and is just looks good. Simple

Eco friendly Yoga Pants made in the USA | Yoga Democracy x Fashionhedge

Yoga Democracy

Wearing Yoga Democracy Amber leggings and top, Filanthropik Threads Trenzas Sandals and FPCO hand chain bracelet. Why Slow Fashion? | Yoga Democracy active wear is made in the USA (Arizona) using recycled materials in their pieces and with a high attention to performance and quality. Filanthropik

Re/Dun jeans made in America

Top 7 High Quality Denim Options

High Quality Denim As I decided what to wear for holiday parties, I started thinking about jeans and when are they appropriate. If you live in California the answer is: always, which can conflict with people like me who like to dress up. Then I realized

Ultimate Ethical Fashion Guide

The Ultimate Ethical Fashion Guide

Being a more ethical consumer shouldn’t be hard. As a matter of fact, it’s very easy, there is one major rule that is the base of it all: I could stop here, since this is pretty much all you need to do. Buying fewer clothes will