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Malena, economic empowerment through social entrepreneurship

Human rights, economic empowerment and the role of fashion

Flynn Coleman is the founder of Malena, a social enterprise that aims to integrate artisans in small communities with the global market, a key component of providing better opportunities for them and, in many cases, escaping poverty. She is no stranger to the debate on

Tips to launch a sustainable fashion business

Tips to launch a sustainable fashion company

I recently wrote about the challenges of sustainable apparel companies and got a lot of feedback from entrepreneurs and independent labels relating to some of those struggles. My efforts were not aimed to discourage fashion startups in anyway, but rather to offer some perspective based

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Orange Harp: Mobile Ethical Fashion

Orange Harp is a shopping app that specializes in fashion for the conscious consumer. The startup launched in May of this year with the purpose of making it easy for people to buy from brands that support fair working conditions, protect the environment and contribute

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Mexican Tradition Turned Modern

  Malaquita is a company bringing traditional Mexican design to a contemporary market, adapting classic design with modern aesthetics. The company’s founders answered a few questions for Fashionhedge.     Full interview What are the beginnings of the company?  The project began in 2013 after a field

Ethical silk

How Can Silk Be Ethical?

When we first found The Ethical Silk Company, we had no idea there was such a thing as “ethical silk”. Traditionally, the extraction of silk from silkworms involves processes that end the life of the worms; a technique developed in 1991 in India makes it

Therapy recycle and exorcise sustainable vintage clothing

Recycle & Exorcise

I found Therapy Recycle & Exorcise on social media and Katie’s Eco-Vintage post and immediately fell in love with it. Their vintage and daring designs speak to a timeless approach to fashion. Rock and Roll, vintage, sex and short shorts are some of the first concepts