Fashionhedge: Not Another Fashion Blog

I started this blog because I believed I could change the world. I still do.
As mundane as the topic of fashion can be, it is a layer of society that reflects values, economic models, and human emotion. Although fashionhedge started as a blog on ethical and sustainable fashion, today it is a collection of more diverse topics that interest me, as a culturally unadapted, professional millennial, and my audience, my personal experiences and anything cool enough to write about.
Over the years, it's become a tacit goal of this website to show that women don't care only about fashion or makeup and that there is a lot more to the one-dimensional vision of the fashion blogger cartoon character.
Besides supply chains, sustainability and design, I think a lot about productivity, health and the future of automation. Politics is also one of my favorite topics, but I won't deal with that on this blog (my "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt does not count).
Thank you for visiting, subscribing and following, it means a lot to me and it helps me smile and produce more content.

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