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Weekly Ethical Fashion News – October 11/17

This week’s headlines   The global business of secondhand clothes thrives in Kenya Reuters October 15, 2014 Keywords: Kenia, Africa, developing countries, waste, apparel market, secondhand clothes, used clothes Shaded by ragged squares of canvas, amid choking dust and the noise of hawkers, shoppers in

A sustainable fashion company that knows what it’s doing

Here is the deal: most ethical fashion brands are ugly. I don’t like the clothes and if I ever bought them, it wouldn’t be for style or beauty. Some brands feel the need to “look” sustainable, using unfortunate fabrics like hemp and designing clothes for

Finding beauty in the remains of war

Turning dreadful memories of war into beauty, that’s the strategy Emi&Eve has adopted to create unique jewelry and handbags that tell a story about overcoming adversity and turning it into something positive. Cassandra Postema is the designer behind Emi&Eve, a brand that turns bullets and

Yarina in The white t-shirt co black fitted tee

The Perfect T-Shirt

      The product What would you look for if you were trying to find the perfect white t-shirt? Would you focus on the fabric, the design, the quality or that it’s responsibly made? Really, you need all of those , and that’s what The White

Constant Simplicity: let’s talk sustainable fashion

A few days ago, we brought you the story of Constant Simplicity, a new label that is truly changing the game in terms of transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. Their first Bamboo collection exemplifies that it is possible to make clothes while minimizing

H&M sustainability report

H&M needs more than a conscious collection

The path to sustainability For a few months now, the fast fashion retailer H&M has been talking about a Conscious collection, somehow involving sustainability and a more ethical approach to their manufacturing. Curious, I checked out their website to read more about the initiative.  The