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Brandy Melville’s One Size Dilemma

I have been confused about some reactions to this brand’s “essence”, yes they use skinny blonde girls as models and they don’t make large sizes, what’s new? Most models are skinny and that is not going to change: even where there is an increasing diversity in the

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The worst Spring 2015 fashion trends

Unpractical, transitory or just plain ugly, here are our picks for the worst Spring 2015 trends taken from the major ones found by Google on their fashion trends report. We already know that seasonal trends are just another way to sell us more stuff, but that becomes even

Fashion puppies

There is no doubt puppies can bring happiness to anyone in a matter of seconds. For centuries, humans have relied on pets for companionship and protection, but it seems that our furry friends have also served for inspiration to some of the biggest names the world of fashion.  

Why do fashion media treat women like idiots?

Across the diverse channels of fashion media authorities: blogs, magazines and opinion leaders, affiliate marketing has taken over and it’s easy to get annoyed by articles masked as advise or suggestions for women looking for love in all the wrong places. As much as I want

The 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

Because fashion is about your decisions as a consumer and about the search for identity, the following are behaviors people could find themselves guilty of when submerged in the world of fashion. PURSE ENVY Celebrities and consummate fashion bloggers have access to expensive, limited edition, ultra-top, uber-super clothes

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The pineapple and watermelon trends

The end is near. First it was all the nonsensical candy everywhere: drumsticks, donuts, lollipops, macaroons, cakes and cookies flooded Instagram, blogs and fashion online stores. And even if you think that trend is gone, it might still have ways to go before people realize how stupid