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Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals. Credit: Merrick Morton/Focus Features

Tom Ford’s New Movie

Tom Ford’s new movie is a psychological thriller that explores the world of rich people’s absurd problems (you mean a fashion designer trying to become a movie director isn’t enough of a rich person problem?). Nocturnal Animals is the story of Susan (Amy Adams), an

Greg Popovich wearing a Vote for Pedro T-shirt

Election 2016: My Choice

People are getting very serious and emphatic about this year’s Presidential election in the United States, even people who aren’t generally serious on anything, like Dave Chappelle and Kendall Jenner have weighted in. Me? I’m a big fan of politics and a news junkie, but

yarinav on Snapchat

Snapchat Addiction

Long gone are the well-crafted and witty Facebook posts (Facebook? -claim hoards of gen Y-ers). Now, to be a l’avant garde of the social media elite behavior, all you need to do is aim your smartphone at your face incessantly throughout the day and get

Legally Awesome: Elle Woods hero’s journey

Yes, I am going to talk about Legally Blonde, exposing myself to being criticized and accused guilty of piggy-backing on trivial pop culture sub-topics to generate content, but you know me, I like to offer different perspectives on familiar subjects. Today, I want to explore