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Tesla solar roof house, tesla electric car and tesla powerstation

The TESLA Solar Roof

In his latest attempt to save the human race, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla solar roof, the Tesla equivalent to energy efficiency for houses. In Musk’s perfect future, everyone has an electric car, a power wall and a solar roof, the solar dream team, if

Soma sustainable water filter

SOMA: The Sustainable Water Filter

Soma is not your conventional water filter. Well, it is, in the sense that it purifies water… but it’s way prettier. A perfect example where design meets functionality, Soma has created a beautiful water filter pitcher that looks good on your table. The filter is

Jeff Bridges Plastic Campaign

Say no to Plastic, a Message from Jeff Bridges

Another reason to love The Dude. I haven’t fact-checked this video, but anything involving The Dude deserves a mention. ¬†A new campaign to discourage the use of plastic packaging features none other than The¬†Duderino himself (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). PS: By

The truth about organic cotton | Fashionhedge

The Truth About Organic Cotton

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a fan of organic anything and even when I am in an industry (health and sustainability) that advocates in favor of organic farming, I tend to stay away from ideologies and stick to science. The scientific community

How can Slow Fashion Be Successful?

What Does Slow Fashion Need to be Successful?

Have you noticed how some “green” or “ethical” brands these days want to make you think you are helping the world or solving a big picture problem, like human rights or climate change? The sales pitch went from “this is a great product” to “buying