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Jeff Bridges Plastic Campaign

Say no to Plastic, a Message from Jeff Bridges

Another reason to love The Dude. I haven’t fact-checked this video, but anything involving The Dude deserves a mention.  A new campaign to discourage the use of plastic packaging features none other than The Duderino himself (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). PS: By

Eco=friendly Yoga Clothes Made in USA Yoga Democracy | Fashionhedge

Cute and Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants

Do you ever feel like you need that extra push to work out? Traditionally, I am a black and white clothes kind of girl, but when it comes to active wear, I have made pretty adventurous moves, since I feel sometimes you need any motivation you

Top new ethical fashion labels

Top 3 Ethical Fashion Labels You Didn’t Know About

These fashion labels do not market themselves as “ethical” and you won’t find them in most ethical fashion brands lists, but they are definitely doing things right, as they give us a high quality product manufactured domestically and made mostly with natural materials. As we

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Orange Harp: Mobile Ethical Fashion

Orange Harp is a shopping app that specializes in fashion for the conscious consumer. The startup launched in May of this year with the purpose of making it easy for people to buy from brands that support fair working conditions, protect the environment and contribute

An eco-friendly Anniversary

An Eco-Friendly Anniversary

Do you ever feel like having fun means spending money and that hitting the cool spots is a requirement for a special occasion?  A minimalist lifestyle makes you challenge your definitions of a gift or a special evening, but in our search for finding ourselves

Ultimate Ethical Fashion Guide

The Ultimate Ethical Fashion Guide

Being a more ethical consumer shouldn’t be hard. As a matter of fact, it’s very easy, there is one major rule that is the base of it all: I could stop here, since this is pretty much all you need to do. Buying fewer clothes will