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These artworks explore the female body and the reduction of its form as a way of heightening its expressive power.. Caroline Walls, visual artist from Australia

Caroline Walls

Caroline Walls makes art that evokes the female shape in a very minimalist, yet “in your faece” kind of way. This is the type of artwork that I would have in my bedroom, but the living room could be a tough one if you ever

BloodRoot Knives

Bloodroot Blades

Bloodroot Blades makes artisan knives. Does that mean they add 200% to the price of a regular knife and throw the word “artisan” to make you think they are worth it? Nope. These are actual artisan knives. In fact, if I’ve ever seen anything worthy

Tesla solar roof house, tesla electric car and tesla powerstation

The TESLA Solar Roof

In his latest attempt to save the human race, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla solar roof, the Tesla equivalent to energy efficiency for houses. In Musk’s perfect future, everyone has an electric car, a power wall and a solar roof, the solar dream team, if

Soma sustainable water filter

SOMA: The Sustainable Water Filter

Soma is not your conventional water filter. Well, it is, in the sense that it purifies water… but it’s way prettier. A perfect example where design meets functionality, Soma has created a beautiful water filter pitcher that looks good on your table. The filter is