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Daytripper. Electric West Vintage Graphic Tees. Shop on Etsy

Electric West Graphic Tees

Effortlessly cool and with a tint of Americanism, these graphic tees from Electric West are the college girl’s road trip uniform. They remind me of the movie Death Proof (which had an amazing soundrtack btw), where the girls wore shorts and graphic tees the entire

BloodRoot Knives

Bloodroot Blades

Bloodroot Blades makes artisan knives. Does that mean they add 200% to the price of a regular knife and throw the word “artisan” to make you think they are worth it? Nope. These are actual artisan knives. In fact, if I’ve ever seen anything worthy

BDDW deck chair


Have you ever wished there was a home furniture and decor shopping spot that only had stuff you would want your worst enemy to know you own? If, like me, you don’t have a single enemy but appreciate minimalism and non-pretentious design, there is a

Tiff Wu Essentials Handbag

The Luxury Ethical Handbag You Actually Want to Wear

Tiff Wu is the new ethically made handbag designer offering a great alternative to¬†those of us looking for a more ethically made high quality purse. It is not vegan or made in some African cooperative, it’s made in USA and is just looks good. Simple

Cruelty-free and sustainable bridesmaids clothes

Say Goodbye to Bridesmaids Dresses

  Have you ever had to buy a bridesmaid dress for a wedding? Have you worn it since?¬†Annaborgia believes that buying a dress to wear once is not only wasteful, but unnecessary. “…it’s simply not sustainable nor is it a wise economic investment. With Annaborgia,

The Weekly Find: ISSUE 01 HIGH RISE Jeans | Made in USA jeans

The Weekly Find: ISSUE 01 HIGH RISE Jeans

Have you been looking everywhere for high rise jeans that are made ethically and don’t cost a fortune? Yes, you can always get fast fashion jeans at super low prices, but not knowing where they come from and under which conditions were they made is