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My Black Friday hike

Black Friday and Other Pests

Do you know how to get the biggest savings on Black Friday? Just don’t buy anything. Black Friday, like any other promotional strategy is aimed to bring more customers into the stores, not save you money. The promise of 50%+ discounts and “everything on sale” is still

Te Everlane E2 capsule consists of 18 limited-edition pieces designed to mix and match well with each other and other Everlane favorites. Shop now, it won't be available forever

The Everlane E2 Capsule

A dreamy knit dress, a must-have bomber jacket and the shiniest oxfords you’ll ever own are only some of the Everlane E2 capsule collection, bigger and better than the E1. Here are some of our favorite pieces.

Sustainable Fashion Updates September 2015 | Discoveries in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion

Sustainable Fashion Finds September 2015

The sustainable fashion scene still seems to me a very small niche market in the US, an indie infatuation and still struggling greatly to become more mainstream, which I doubt will really happen. Still, the various creative efforts many companies are making are appreciated and,

The Cruelty'free Lifestyle ]

The Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Have you felt a little confused by the cruelty-free notice when shopping online or reading about ethical beauty and fashion products? What does this really mean and why should you care, if at all? What exactly do brands mean when they say their products are cruelty-free? In

Cool Mother's Day Gifts | Fashionhedge

Cool Mother’s Day Gifts

Have you noticed that most Mother’s Day gifts are boring?  Moms can be young, cool and conscious too, why are you trying to give them a pepper shaker? Here is a list of products I found for young (or not so young) moms who like

Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer

If you have been breaking your head trying to figure out how to pick gifts that have meaning and don’t conflict with your consumer habits, this is the shopping guide for you. Everything on this list can be appreciated by anyone, they don’t have to