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Glossier makeup and skincare


If I didn’t already have a mega monster boy brow, this product would be my #1 makeup essential. But I do ­čśž(having boy brows wasn’t always a good thing for me). Glossier (pronounced like Chardonnay or dossier)┬áis a makeup line created by the editors of

The Cruelty'free Lifestyle ]

The Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Have you felt a little confused by the cruelty-free notice when shopping online or reading about ethical beauty and fashion products? What does this really mean and why should you care, if at all? What exactly do brands mean when they say their products are cruelty-free? In

Natural Makeup on Amazon

Best Natural Makeup Products to get on Amazon

Too many people dislike Amazon for making it challenging for┬ásmall online retailers and pretty much everyone else to compete. With low pricing, great customer service and the biggest selection of products on earth, I believe the online giant provides a good service and that’s the

What’s in your makeup bag?

For a while now I have become a “no makeup” advocate, as I feel many women feel the need to wear 28 different products on their face before they can be seen by another human. I don’t want to ever be bound by products and

Confessions of a Unibrow

What is being called “beauty” in different media circles nowadays doesn’t correlate at all with what I think beauty is all about. Most of these publications dedicate quite a bit of bandwidth to make up “tutorials” (is it that hard to put make up on?),