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Brandy Melville’s One Size Dilemma

I have been confused about some reactions to this brand’s “essence”, yes they use skinny blonde girls as models and they don’t make large sizes, what’s new? Most models are skinny and that is not going to change: even where there is an increasing diversity in the

Legally Awesome: Elle Woods hero’s journey

Yes, I am going to talk about Legally Blonde, exposing myself to being criticized and accused guilty of piggy-backing on trivial pop culture sub-topics to generate content, but you know me, I like to offer different perspectives on familiar subjects. Today, I want to explore

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Carrie Bradshaw is the worst female character of all time

Adored by women as a fashion icon, dating guru and, in many ways, an example of success, Carrie Bradshaw is the quintessence of everything that is wrong and embarrassing about women: complete financial incompetence, lack of long-term outlook, weak character and complete lack of perspective. Throughout

Why do fashion media treat women like idiots?

Across the diverse channels of fashion media authorities: blogs, magazines and opinion leaders, affiliate marketing has taken over and it’s easy to get annoyed by articles masked as advise or suggestions for women looking for love in all the wrong places. As much as I want

Top 5 things I hate about fashion bloggers

Update (03/13/2015). This post has gotten a lot of attention and it remains one of my most popular entries even after almost 8 months, so I want to clear a few things up: – I don’t hate anybody, I only love ♥ (the word hate, believe